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RE: Why We Chose To Homeschool - The Many Benefits and Advantages

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We've just arrived in Suriname and our kids are in public school, which I feel gives them a lot of social skills. I wish our worklives were different so @Sreypov and I had more time for teaching them ourselves. As an American, I attempted to enroll our Cambodian daughters into an online homeschooling curriculum from the USA, thinking we could somehow fake we were in the USA as a family.

I thought we might have a chance, as the program was free if you live in the USA. We nearly had the girls ready, and they were gonna have their own private teacher, just had to make sure the teacher didn't see palm trees outside the window. When they wanted to see American vaccination forms, we had to confess we were living in Ecuador, and they wanted several thousand dollars for the program.

It's a shame it didn't work out, it would've been a good opportunity for them. But why do you need vaccinations to study online? That caught us by surpise.


I know quite a few parents that wish to home educate their kids but schedules and other obligations make it difficult to accomplish.

Yes that raises some flags. That is very strange for an online class they needed proof of vaccinations. This confirms the unnecessary push on them that is going on. It is very concerning why these are being forced so much, definitely some underlying reasons there.