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Our test round for the new RPG style Browsergame on the Steem blockchain is over and it was a lot of fun! We are getting ready for the release, so be patient – it will be worth it!


Resume of the test round

Two weeks ago, on Dec 19th 2019 at 10 AM UTC+1 we started a round of 14 days to test our game with a few players. It was great to see how people who invested some time made great progress on leveling their heroes up, finding good equipment for them and improving their arena rankings. We had the chance to fix a few things and received a lot of great feedback from the players.
Everyone who took part in the test round received part of the prize pool which was basically the Steem all players invested on Bread while playing the game plus the transaction fees from the market. @thebluewin also gave an additional 100 Steem to the prize pool.
Here you can see the final Breadcrumbs rankings:


Users’ experience with the game

Within the last few days some of the players started to share their impressions of Holybread. We are really happy to see that they seem to like the game and we appreciate every post that has been written while the test round was running. If you are interested in reading the players thoughts on Holybread you can have a look at those posts:

Holybread | Review by @enjar

Games on Steem: Holybread by @mobi72

@delegate4gg was very engaged and did a daily update on the testing:
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13


The next steps

The release of the game will be in January 2020 and we will announce the exact date very soon. In a few days we will open the pre registration to all players. Everyone registering before the official start of Holybread will receive a small gift of 20 Bread (our premium currency). You will also be able to use your referral link once you're logged in.

Stay tuned!

You haven't heard about Holybread yet? Read this post to find out what it is all about.

Have a look at the FAQs to learn more about the game.

Join us on discord to always be updated.


Dear @holybread, @thebluewin, @auminda

Let me repeat again: your amazing communications skills and professionalism are a great indicator that this project may end up being very succesful.

You will also be able to use your referral link once you're logged in.

This is very crutial if you want your own users to be engaged not only in playing game, but also in bringing new players and teaching them how to grow their characters in the game.

I had a chance to discuss this topic with few other testers from @project.hope and we're all very curious how will you organize it.

If you don't mind my own 2 cents:
let's say that our entire team would plan to invest their own time and promote ref link holybread.io/red-link=project.hope

Basically instead of each one of us trying to promote their own ref link, we would prefer to use one that would be connected to one account.

Thebluewin mentioned once that he consider rewarding ref-link owners with either bread or steem. Second option would be more encouraging (from user perspective). Second option would give incentive to actually put some real effort to get new users on-board.

Btw: it would help if ref-link owners would receive some small % not only based on "bread" purchased within game by referred users, but also when those users are trading on the market. That would encourage people to "teach" others how to play, knowing that it may be profitable to them.


This was my first experience to play an RPG game, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I must admit that I enjoyed paying that game as well @mobi72 :)

Thank you @mobi72 and @crypto.piotr so glad you enjoyed being a tester.

Ich freue mich aufs Spiel

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Am looking forward to joining in!! :D

I had a lot of fun. HB (HolyBread) could be a great game.Cant wait that dungeons and Guilds are in the Game .

I must admit that I enjoyed paying that game as well @nerdtopiade :)

Ich freu mich auf den Start. Hoffe es geht bald los.
Endlich mal wieder was zum Zocken für nebenbei.

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Nicht mehr lang :)
Ich freue mich dass du dabei bist.

Great job guys.
Upvoted already.

Can't wait. (:

I didn't have the chance to participate in the pre-testing, but I'm still looking forward to the release of the game :)! Do I understand it right, that the game will be something like Shakes & Fidget (and similar games)?

Yes, the game is a bit inspired by Shakes & Fidget.

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