What is Proof of Stake with BEER ?

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Hey Steeminas, dear BEER lovers

Some Steemians where asking again and again what the Proof of Stake function does and how it works with the BEER token?

Due this reason I wrote all this...

Howto earn with
Proof of Stake
and the BEER token

After the crowdfunding for BEER we have so many people using it each day. But lately many Steemians where asking me again

What is my bonus whenever I stake some BEER

What is Proof of Stake with BEER.png

This post will explain this function and even more, you will see that this generates you a passive income by BEER each day.

Even better, if more people stake BEER we all get more BEER each hour.

First - Stake some BEER

Whenever you get some BEER at the Steem Engine you will be able use it for different reasons. Some people stake as much as possible, to call several times a day the @beerliver bot to give away a little bit of BEER to others.

First - Login to Steem Engine

Simply use KeyChain or just by your username and posting key.
Steem Engine  login.png

Look to the market

After a click to your wallet, you see a list of token you own. Choose the BEER token for the naxt steps.

Steem Engine  token market.png

Simply hit the button and buy or sell your tokens on the dialog your see from the Steem Engine.

Buy and sell

Today the market looks like this and it means that there is a lot BEER available


You may trade a few BEER token in any direction.

How to stake BEER

Steem Engine  stake.png

This is simple as you just have to hit the little look. Means you look up some of the BEER you own. Or with other words, you transport some liquid BEER from your fridge / wallet into your cellar where you store it for later use.

Stake dialog

There will be a box that shows your balance and you may enter any amount less or equal to that value

Steem Engine  stake beer.png

Here you see that the user @beerbank will stake now 80 BEER

Than the magic happens

Each hour and every day there is a random system that gives away to all Steemians who staked some BEER some more BEER.

Means, by doing absolutely nothing, you get more BEER

The actual setting has each hour a reward pool with

6 BEER * percentage of STAKED BEER

And as you see with some of the @BeerLover posts, we are now with a value 61% of totally staked BEER. See more here and understand why the BeerLover report show this numbers.

How to get your rewards

Another often asked question but here you need to be active an may find a surprice

Steem Engine  reward.png

Whenever you are logged into the Steem Engine, you have this dialog underneath your name.

Click to the Rewards and see which tokens may send you some rewards wich you have to claim.

YES, for some reason you have to do this manually and whenever you do this the first time, there might be a little value hanging around. If so, feel free to let us know by posting a picture or just your surprise.

Claim automatically

There are some services where you can login with your active key or again with the Keychain, to collect all this rewards into you liquid wallet.
The TravelFeed.io offers this but if you are not a travel blogger, there might be others.

How do you see that you get something?

Actual, this is one of the most answered question from Steemians. But the answer is simple.

Look to your transactions

Steem Engine  transactions.png

Just again click on the marked icon and follow the dialog. You will get a list of all your transactions on the Steem Engine with the relevant token.

Example of transactions

Steem Engine  beerlover rewards.png

Line 1

shows that somebody used the BeerLover to send me a sip of beer

Line 2, 3 and 4

shows that I got some BEER from @beerlover from the Proof of Stake function.

Now what?

Decide yourself if you like to get every day get some more BEER without doing anything.

Even better,

the more people do this, the higher the value of BEER might go.

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Calling beery friends

All this lovely Steemians - who own some BEER - might like to get this information to be able to explain Proof of Stake to others....

@johannpiber @solarwarrior @rondras @condeas @jaydih @uwelang @ibc @isdev @nicniezgrublem @edkarnie @reiseamateur @mad-runner @abitcoinskeptic @eii @isnochys @mcoinz79 @saboin @amico @ciuoto @rentmoney @roger.remix @tomhall @axeman @victor-alexander @schlees @ervin-lemark @kryptodenno @dera123 @muelli @investinthefutur @pjansen @tattoodjay @depot69 @rynow @steem-eng @curationhelper @gerber @seckorama @ben4ever @ben2ben @browery @balte @jeanpi1908 @mermaidvampire @jlsplatts @ruhrsearch @kadna @zekepickleman @bucipuci @tinamarr @cadawg @pixresteemer @lotto-austria @bitandi @mhm-philippines @achimmertens @definethedollar @dylanhobalart @elikast @fedesox @joanstewart @maruskina @libertycrypto27 @janton @crypticat @city-of-dresden @iven @criticalthinkin @pab.ink @wwwiebe @jjprac @elizacheng @whatsup @kirstin @meins0815 @barmbo @muscara @steevc @jeffjagoe @pundito @bitpizza @steemrentetoken @mkt @misan @riczuniform @exyle @dreimaldad @broxi @olivia08 @crimo @plankton.token @foodfightfriday @freebornangel @vanessav @aggroed @tiblog @donald.porter @bashadow @cloudblade @yuriitonkov @reggaemuffin @yabapmatt @beers @harveyword @beerchaintech @beer @fedesh @applecrisp @wakeupkitty @pixelfan @chriddi @curationvoter @robibasa @joanawatts @bluerobo @otom @blue.rabbit @kus-knee @borran @mittwochsquickie @beerbank @amico.sports @duranzo89 @weedcash.rewards @rollie1212 @backinblackdevil @benedict08 @investyourvote @lordvdr @dotwin1981 @petrvl @davedickeyyall @pixelworld @forykw @fishyculture @altobee @claudio83 @cryptictruth @transom @palnetvoter @immanuel94 @gaich @tggr @spurisna @phoenixwren @melinda010100 @amico.photo @filosof103 @rentenbot @hans001 @isarmoewe @revisesociology @musicvoter2 @xlisto @godfish @alexvan @porcocane @crypto-pixie @simplymike @chrismadcboy2016 @enm1 @cryptospa @der-prophet @cervisia @wpblogger-de @shasta @armandosodano @desyfit @uruguru @augustimo @miti @felander @feuerelfe @artmentor @toofasteddie @handofzara @miketr @skramatters @brittandjosie @qwerrie @hairyfairy @alenox @arcange @dmilliz @amico.tunes @amico.pal @flaxz @jedigeiss @happyphoenix @siphon @fullcoverbetting @sportfrei @bethvalverde @sparstrumpf @theturtleproject @rullicky @zockerpeine @unsuwe @cflclosers @jluvs2fly @gallya @moncia90 @actifit-peter @verhp11 @canna-collective @kissi @braaiboy @preparedwombat @jamethiel @karinxxl @manniman @gimba @quekery @exhaust @psionic-tremors @crimcrim @russia-btc @cryptobrewmaster @powerpaul @j85063 @lightcaptured @abh12345 @thomasthewolf @astrophoto.kevin @arunava @huntforsteem @buggedout @smyle @c3r34lk1ll3r @dexpartacus @banjo @saun @quinneaker @g10a @schamangerbert @emrebeyler @summertooth @philippekiene @indextrader24 @jkv @bodie7 @bonp @splatz @minimining @primersion @steem-bootcamp @atomcollector @kieny @steemrente @louis88 @xstern93 @oldtimer @dandays @curation.neo @kanrat @nerdtopiade @chroniccoin @womic @umuk @elotro @tijntje @spiceboyz @tokenindustry @syalla @johnboywalton @mundharmonika @rossfletcher @udabeu @shoemanchu @nakedverse @shanibeer @tangmo @jurich60 @meeplecomposer @steemexplorers @nodex @rivalzzz @iamraincrystal @tazi @jonyoudyer @kristin @geiwoyibeipijiu @daddygarsha @vittoriozuccala @musicvoter @slobberchops @cultus-forex @haegar85 @chruuselbeeri @darrenfj @ayjoe @philfreetotravel @dswigle @stuffbyspencer @traciyork @wenchebakken @cindyhartz @hmayak @ronaldoavelino @teo93 @shadowmask @stever82 @chunkysoupsvc @amico.ccc @monsterbuster @bambuka @davidesimoncini @ali-h @miroslavrc @sportcheck

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover


I'm staking since I got the first !BEER and it's great, because they get more and more - he beer multiply by themselves. 😊

Will stake have any effect if I only have 1 🍺 ? I feel thirsty 😁

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Every bet !BEER has its effect :-).

Hey @amigareaction, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Good job :-). I'm going to move supplies from the fridge to the cellar :-). A good day to move inventory will be 1.1.2020!

You can use Steemworld, too, for claiming and staking BEER. In the first segment, go to "Balances" and then to "Tokens". To the right is the button for claiming all rewards. They need a bit to arrive in your wallet. Then you click on "BEER" and see nearly the same thing you have for STEEM. Here you can "Power Up" to stake your Beer. Simple, isn't it?


Thanks for this info. DId not used the great Steemworld tool for this.

Hey @beerlover, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

I have 0.4 beers staking, anyway I didn't find my name in the list. Maybe I will need a whole beer to be in this honoured list? 😂

Anyone wishing to treat me some sips ahahaha

There are more than 3700 people who have BEER. I think I better don't add all of them to this list.

Here is a bit !BEER for you and way more is available at https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=BEER

Hey @mahaji, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Here is another !BEER for you @mahaji :)

Hey @mahaji, here is a little bit of BEER from @pundito for you. Enjoy it!

Nice explanation, let's have some !BEER

thanks, yes, works fine.

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Hey @steemitboard, here is a little bit of BEER from @summertooth for you. Enjoy it!

At the ONE touch of a button 'Claim Rewards', you can get Rewards from all your tokens in the steem-engine.com, including !BEER token.



Thanks and a !BEER for you

Hey @eii, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Thank you for the information...

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

This post deserves a !BEER

and you to my thirsty friend - Take this !BEER from me

Hey @seckorama, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Hey @beerlover, here is a little bit of BEER from @seckorama for you. Enjoy it!

Danke für diese "kleine" Beschreibung wie es mit dem Bier so funktioniert.
Vor allem auch sehr hilfreich, dass der Link zu einer Erklärung direkt unter dem Bier-Token ist :D
Als Frischling sehr nützlich um herauszufinden, was man nun mit dem Bier machen soll. :D
Das gestaketes Bier mehr wird kann ich noch nicht beurteilen, hab es ja auch erst vor einer Stunde oder so gemacht. Aber jedenfalls sehr nützlich die Information :D Super danke.

yes, its community oriented. thats for sure. one of the best around here! :=)

Thanks for this explanation, I am joining the BEER token holder right away.

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I haven't earn BEER token so I don't know how to buy BEER because I didn't see the market.

Posted using Partiko Android

I have staked all the Beer I received and I also bought some from steem-engine.com. I like it.

Thanks for that in depth analysis on PoS! I think PoS is going to be more profitable than mining for most people. As the mining algorithms have changed and the hardware and electricity costs skyrocket PoS is the way to go! And who doesn't love a little beer??💯♥️😀

Will be buying some BEER as soon as I get next payout, sounds like a good system.


This is getting more fun than I expected


this is just the beginning.....

Think about BEERpong and BEERbank coming soon

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