Hobby Hub Challenge - Write About Your Hobby And Win SBD! New Challenge Just Launched! #1

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Just launched! HOBBY HUB CHALLENGE! #1

We are all very busy people, not much time to spare right? But we all need something that keeps us a tad bit sane, something that helps us relax and gather our thoughts, something that challenges and allows us to practice our talents. Yes, I'm talking "hobbies" here. Most of us have them, most of us wish we had more time on our plates to focus on them. I'm giving you the opportunity to WRITE about them...AND WIN!



Why Enter This Challenge?

This is a great opportunity to write about something you love, and earn something at the same time! Your post will be exposed to a greater audience and so will your name, helping you to build followers and a good reputation. All posts that meet the rules stand a chance to be mentioned in the winning announcement post too, for an additional chance to get you some exposure.


How It Works:

It's simple! Write about what you like to do in your spare time, or to pass the time. Tell us about your hobby, how you discovered it, do you do it alone or in a group, is it easy to do, your advice on the topic etc.

Definition of a hobby -

 A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. - Wikipedia

Here's an example I did of one of my hobbies:  

Oh How I LOVE To Spend Time In My Garden - My Favorite Hobby

Image Source

Guidelines & Rules

  • This is a weekly challenge, for now. Challenge #1 starts from the post date and ends on the 22nd of October 2017 at 8:00 am  UTC +2.
  • One entry per person per week.
  • The main topic of your post entry must be about your hobby. Original content and photos will be given preference on the judges final decision. Images that are not your own must include a source link.
  • Use "hobbyhub" as your first tag (you can use any additional tags thereafter). NB. hobbyhub must be your first tag.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post (this will benefit all participants).
  • Place the link to your entry as a reply below.

Judges Decision

  • I am very honored to have @karenmckersie join me as guest judge for the launch of my very first #hobbyhub challenge. @karenmckersie is the founder of the #popcontest challenge and has a lot of experience with contests on Steemit. 
  • I will always have a guest judge to collaborate with, our decision will be final. 
  • The winner will be announced on the Sunday or following Monday and the winner will receive his or her payout along with the announcement.
  • An entrant's post votes and post payout will not influence our decision; effort and original content will.


While I thoroughly enjoy Steemit, I have to say that my favorite posts are the ones I enter into challenges (to date I have one 3, yay for me)! Not only do you view your post pay outs and upvotes rise, but you wait in anticipation to see if you are a winner too, I love the thrill! I really enjoyed writing posts for these contests, but they also helped me learn the tricks of the trade on how to create my own contest/challenge.  So, to give credit where credit is due I would like to thank:

  • @karenmckersie - guest judge and founder of the Power of Positivity contest, known as #popcontest. You have such a lively presence and I have enjoyed being a guest judge for you!
  • @steemiteducation - if you are a good writer I genuinely suggest you have a look at the requirements for their posts, the payouts are AMAZING!
  • @eroche - the genius behind the #culturevulture monthly challenge. If you haven't entered, do so now! I think the prize pool is currently at 85 SBD! Share something about your culture, or a family tradition! @eroche, thank you for your guidance and help with this contest, I am very grateful for the time you set aside to explain a few things to me!


*** Any donations towards the prize pool would be greatly appreciated.

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Good Luck - @sweetpea

(bringing you original content)

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Good luck ! Also upped and resteemed into my @momskitchen blog !! Even though its only a food a drinks blog , may be some people will have cooking as a hobby or something like it , like cake decorating or making beer as a hobby ! 💕😋👍


Ah that's awesome, thank you so much! Yes! There are so many hobbies that can be done in the kitchen! I gave sugar decorations a go once, but kinda flopped at it :) Thanks again!


Awesome ! And your welcome !❤✌👍

WOW! :)

Thank you for making this post and contest. :)
Not only do i find it interesting, but it made me learn new things here(i am pretty new here)
This forced me to find out how i can resteem posts.
Since i am so new here and it has been so many new things to try to learn, i have heard about it, but not tried to find out about it before.

And also i am very passionate about my hobby, so for that reason alone i also love it.

I dont have a mobile phone i can take pictures from now, but since this is not the first post in steemit where it have been poited out how much people here prefer that we use our own pictures, it kind of help pushing me to get a phone i can take my own pictures with, and when i first have done that, i will be happy for that too.. lol

Fortunatly i have some priv photos from my old phone i can use for the post i will make for this post, even if the quality of those pictures are not the best.. ;)

I have many interests and hobbies, but not time to do a deep diving in to all of them, so i will stay to my main hobby in this post.

woops, i see this start to become a wall of text now, so i shall save some for the contest post i am about to start making now.. lol

I hope those who read this will have a great day when they read this. :)


Looking forward to your entry @rezpatex, and if you can't get hold of some original pics just yet, no worries, just include some nice info and it will still be considered! I can't wait to find out what your main hobby is!

This is a great challenge. I know it will inspire people to write, and to engage with steemit and I look forward to seeing what people all over the world get up to in their spare time. 😀


Thanks @eroche, I am quite excited to learn about what people get up to in their spare time, especially those from different cultures and backgrounds.

This is the mother of all contests. Thanks


Looking forward to your entry :)

I also think this is a great idea ill share share it aswell! Hope you all have a good night!


So very kind of you ! Have a good night!

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Hi @sweetpea, Thanks and congratulations on your contest....


Thank you :)

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great idea! :)


Thank you! I am very excited about this challenge! Looking forward to some good reads! Your upvote is VERY much appreciated!

I am really looking forward to entering this competition! What a great idea @sweetpea. I am looking forward to reading about some new hobbies for me to try.


Thank you @what-did-she-say - I am looking forward to reading your entry :)

Creative idea @sweetpea most have a hobby and love sharing their experience in that hobby.


Thank you, I hope you enter soon?

HI - great idea. I have tried three times to post my entry but each time it disappears - it could be Hurricane Ophelia here in Ireland so I shall try again later...

Hi @sweetpea - I am officially exhausted - it has taken me all afternoon to post this - each time i hit submit the post disappeared. Finally I used the busy site to load it up. Anyway - here is my entry - at last!!! https://steemit.com/hobbyhub/@jilliangodsil/hobbyhub-singing


Thanks @jilliangodsil - funnily enough, I just replied to your post and my comment disappeared too! Will try again in a few minutes! I hope you are safe from Ophelia!


Thanks - all is quietening down here. The government was very protective which was a good thing - closed schools, transport etc. Three deaths so far (falling trees) but hopefully that is all. a blessing

Hi @sweetpea, this is a great idea, resteemed!!


Thanks @rynow, really appreciate the resteem!

This post has received a 0.39 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

What a great idea! Resteemed for my followers. Following for future challenges. Contests have helped get me hooked on steemit, my newest hobby! :)

Oh, what a fun challenge! Resteemed and thinking about what hobby to post about!


So very kind of you! Will keep an eye out for your post! Much love, @sweetpea

Thanks for a great opportunity @sweetpea


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Awesome contest @sweetpea ! Glad to be guest judging and I wish you the very best , hope you get a lot of great entries im looking forward to it !! Thanks as well for all the great mentions and helping me by guest judging the #popcontest ! Good luck my friend !upped and resteemed 💕👍💕👍💕👍


So glad to be associated with the #popcontest and it's Power of Positivity that it spreads throughout Steemit! Thank you for your assistance and support!


Your very welcome @sweetpea ! We go much further when we support each other ! This is actually fun LOL! Thank you too ! Haha I just seen you have entry all ready !!!!! Awesome!!!!😊😀👍💕


I have been having tons of fun too! Being a judge has its perks, all though it really is tough choosing winners when there are so many good entries! So excited about my contest, and I feel more positive knowing I have you as a supporter - #popcontest is one of my favorite contests on Steemit!


Awe that's awesome !! Its going to be a very busy week!!👍👍👍💕

Let me start working on this just now, and blast in my post!
Expect dogs and beachwalks coming right up there!


Looking forward to it :)

Here's my entry for this first challenge "Bone Collector: My Unorthodox Hobby"
Thanks so much for putting this together🐓

Just got my entry finished! Check out my quilting quilted Christmas stockings! :)

Great! Thank you for doing this, I love a challenge, here's is my entry:

Here is my entry @sweetpea,https://steemit.com/hobbyhub/@nevies/oh-how-i-love-me-some-swim-my-favourite-hobby

Thankyou very much!
But I've been unable to follow some of the rules unfortunately; I found out bout this contest too late, I resteemed but couldn't upvote because payout cannot be affected at the last hours of a Post's 7 days. But I've upvoted 3 of the other entries if this can be some atonement.
Again my submission is some hours late. I hope you'll still accept my submission.
Thanks so much again