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It's has been an interesting week reading and reviewing Steem Cameroon best day contest entry from steemians and so, we are glad to announce winners of bestday contest for the previous week.
Participation is last week was poor as we had just 9 entries. We therefore encourage all to be part of this amazing bestday contest, and invite friends, let them know about this weekly amazing contest going on in steem Cameroon as its an open contest and also follow @steem-cameroon for other weekly contest updates.

The Table below show names of all those who took part in the contest and submitted their entries before contest deadline and steem price awarded to them.

N0 @usernameEntryPrice
1 @lukong Entry 5
2 @chiabertrand Entry 4
3 @sughey Entry 3
4 @nuahfabian Entry 1
5 @paddykam Entry 1
6 @gerakam Entry 1
7 @mukka Entry 1
8 @mukadas Entry 1
9 @anasuleidy Entry 1

Steem Cameroon Team by @saxopedia


 last year 

Congrats to all the participants

 last year 

Thanks for this amazing contests am happy to had paticipate in this contest and the reward was so encouraging for me as it will help to build my steem power am hoping to paticipate in the next contest for I can't wait to be part of [email protected]

 last year 

I am glad to be winner. If they were to be giving trophy i would have become pichichi of Best day

 last year 

Congratulations to all the winners.. Great participations..

Waoow such a nice Contest I sure will be joining

 last year 

It's not a contest bro. It seems you didn't read well

It's a contest result not a contest

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