Steem Women Club Contest #18 Healthy Homemade Drink Recipe | 21-28 May | BIG AWARDS

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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

*Thank you very much for your interest in the competitions. We continue to run competitions. This week, with the onset of the heat in my own country, we started looking for a drink. That's why it would be great to organize a health and beverage contest this week.

I warn you on both personal and community posts so you can create quality posts. If you follow the rules and create quality posts, your chances of getting votes from both @steemwomensclub and curators increase. With the #Steemexclusive tag, we ensure that your posts are exclusive to Steemit. You cannot post any of your posts in this community to another community.

• I send 5 quality posts to curators every day that don't get votes. This way, we try to support unrated quality posts. I will continue to select quality contest posts that have not received votes. I don't choose the same person twice a week because quality posts are growing. A fair system is applied.

• You must be aware that we are not curators. Thanks to the delegation power of the community, we can vote for you. This is different for every community. The more power you give, the stronger the community. As a community, we provide voting support for most quality posts, taking into account voting power.

Healthy Homemade Drink Recipe.gif

Steem Women Club Contest #18 Healthy Homemade Drink Recipe

We always make healthy recipes in women's kitchens. We're looking at healthy food, drink and recipes on the Internet. Sometimes we drink it for weight loss, sometimes for our health. This week, we would like to see your healthy drink recipes with at least 3 ingredients.


Contest Tips ;

•• There should be at least 3 ingredients drink

• Detail each phase.

• Promote ingredients

• Talk about the benefits

• We want to know where you learned

Contest Rules;

• Use your own original image

•Follow Steem women club social media accounts!

• You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community

• Pictures must be your own

• your post must be your own

• Invite your friends

•Share each post in just one community!

*you must have done the achievement 1 task

*Copy and paste is prohibited. plagiarism will not be accepted

• Use tags correctly in social media accounts #steemwomenclub, #womenclubhealthydrink #yourcountry (example #turkey)

• If you don't use the contest tags correctly, we won't be able to see the posts.

• Submissions with incorrect labels are not accepted.

•Submissions that do not show the application stages will not be accepted.

The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.


Contest -Event Awards

• The entries of the winners for this contest will be awarded.
• The people who do the most Power Up will be selected.

Contest prizes will be awarded by booming accounts. Even if we talk about 100% voting support for competitions, this is different.

1. Winner Prize: 100% votes (Approximately $ 40) by @ booming01

2. Winner Prize: 100% plus votes ($ 40) by @ booming01

3.Winner Prize: 100% plus votes ($ 40) by @ booming04

• I will send the 4th and 5th winners to the community support program for the quality post of my choice. Therefore there will be 3 winners. The 4th and 5th winners will receive a surprise vote.

•Curators have different votes for everyone. Votes outside the competition are not guaranteed.

•If your post past 7 days is selected, your active post will be voted on.

#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag

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My Awards Are Not Awarded. What Can I Do?

If you do not receive votes from the competition awards; Sometimes curators are too busy, or they can be overlooked. you can kindly forward this to me on discord. We will tell this to the necessary people. The result of the competition is definitely announced on the 8th and 9th days. Therefore, if you participate in the contest on the first day and win, the contest prize, which is 100%, is given to your active post. There may be a question in your mind for those who do not know this. Both the curators and I note that the votes are cast.

  • And I want to say that; -steemcurator01 and -steemcurator02 give high ratings to the posts I selected for the community support program. We work together to support you. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ! Let's win together and achieve our goal.

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İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

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 6 months ago 

Compartido en Twitter
Mi participación en el concurso #18 de @steemwomensclub @steemit

 6 months ago 

Esta es mi Entrada al concurso.

Compartido en Twitter e Instagram.



Ya quiero participar ❤️🥰

Feliz Dia, que genial concurso sin duda alguna partipare..

Saludable concurso. Trataré de preparar mi participación.

 7 months ago 

Sounds great
Thanks for the newest contest
We are really happy to hear this announcement

I want to participate

Es Maravilloso este concurso. Nos ayudará mucho con recetas saludables. Además de compartir nuestros propios conocimientos. Haré mi participación

 7 months ago 

Excelente concurso. Manos a la obra chicas.

Excelente concurso. Ya voy a preparar mi participación

Healthy drink contest. It's ingredients must be natural. Nice one.

 7 months ago 

Excelente concurso, desde ya pensando en mi bebida saludable, saludos

 7 months ago 

Excelente concurso y pensar que hace menos de 12 horas publique una bebida súper deliciosa. Preparare otra para este concurso y compartir con mi amigas de mi super comunidad @steemwomenclub

Excelente concurso! Ansiosa en participar... Éxito para todas!❤️

This is going to be awesome, I like it. Let's go to the kitchen.

Yayyy!!! Thank you for another beautiful contest @steemwomensclub! Let's do this @jenesa @fabio2614 @bisayakalog @kyrie1234 @traderpaw @burgundy243 @jeycasio

What an interesting contest! Thank you for the invitation @rosevillariasa. :-)

 7 months ago 

yay, water therapy na this🙂

 7 months ago 

wow! Nice one

Greetings ma'am
please is the contest for everyone countries?

Thank you for organizing such a great contest

Ma'am please answer me
Can any one participate in the contest?

Me encanta este concurso, voy a ponerme manos a la obra 😘

 7 months ago 

A participar chicas :D Esperamos las mejores bebidas.

Espero poder participar <3 por primera vez

Thanks ı love limonadaaa

Si es muy rica y en frape de más de rica

Am interested please

 7 months ago 

Concurso genial allí estaré

Excelente ya quiero participar

Excelente concurso @steemwomenclub ... pronto estaré participando.

hola soy nueva en steemit, en esta comunidad tambien tengo que hacer mi presentacion con el cartelito??

 6 months ago 

Sencillamente espectacular, AQUI ESTARE @steemwomensclub

Saludos a todas mis apreciadas Damas☺️ por aquí dejo mi participación espero sea de su agrado y ayuda bendiciones para todas.


 7 months ago 

Me encanta este concurso

Wow! Awesome contest. I will be there.

Thank you SteemWomen Club for always initiating exciting contests 😊

 6 months ago 

Saludos mujeres hermosas! 💖
Aquí dejo mi participación!
Espero les guste! Éxito para todas! ☺️✨
Compartido en Twitter

Espero participar y leer las bebidas de todas la idea es aprender por nuestra salud.

Hola!! excelente concurso

Me gusto mucho este concurso.!

Mi publicacion en Twitter.


Me encanta este concurso! Gracias por trabajar arduamente e innovación🙌 Manos a la obra🌟

 6 months ago 

super nutritiva amiga.

 6 months ago 

Wowww, estoy enamorada de este tipo de concurso y dinámicas ❤️ voy a ir preparando mi participación, las quiero mucho. Juntas somos más fuertes. Estoy muy contenta porque hice mi primera delagacion a esta comunidad que tanto aprecio. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.


Buenas tardes a todos mis amigos de esta maravillosa comunidad. Aquí les dejo el link de mi participacion

Mi publicación en Twitter


Me encantó este concurso, voy a participar, saludos con cariño.

 7 months ago 

Wow what a wonderful contest ma'am. Wish you all luck.

Buenas noches tengan todas la mujeres bellas que hacen vida en esta comunidad aquí les dejo mi entrada al concurso, deseándole a todas las participantes la mayor de las suertes

 6 months ago 

Increíble concurso estoy ansiosa por participar..

 7 months ago 

Amazing contest . Count me and african women in

Just saw this..
Hope I'm not too late..
I'm in 😄

Deber ser muy bueno, luego me explicas como es la pumalaca por favor.

Hola amiga... Si es muy rico y sobre todo muy saludable. Gracias por su apoyo

 6 months ago 
 6 months ago 
 6 months ago (edited)

Hola bella y querida comunidad steem women club por acá les dejo mi participación


Buen día Mi participación Saludos y Bendiciones ✨✨

 6 months ago 

Por aca mi entrada al concurso.participacion

 6 months ago 

Le quiero agradecer a la comunidad @steemwomenclub por esta grandiosa dinámica.
Aqui mi participación con esta bebida oxigenante para fortalecer nuestro cerebro, ya que pasamos mucho tiempo pegado en la computadora, Teléfono. Entre otros. Espero les guste y puedan recrear esta deliciosa bebida.


@yorianajsg - Mi participación ❤️

Hello dear! This is such an interesting competition, I'd love to participate ❤️ do we need to own our 3rd achievement to be able to? Ill be waiting to your answer. Thanks 💕

No, there is no such requirement, but stay away from plagiarism

Buen día por acá mi entrada al concurso
Steem Women Club Contest #18//Bebida energizante" Fresa, Cambur y Lulo"@kami19 — Steemit

 6 months ago 

Buenos días. Bendiciones en esta semana. Por acá mi participación al Concurso Receta de Bebida Casera y Saludable. Té de Cúrcuma y Limón.

 6 months ago 
 6 months ago (edited)
 6 months ago (edited)

Saludos amigas de @steemwomenclub dejo por aca MI PARTICIPACIÓN


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