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Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will make an event announcement for a different event and a different topic. In this pandemic period in the difficult processes of our world, most people are going through difficult days. We must find the opportunity to do good with the saying, 'She who does good finds good' as in this saying. We can both be at peace from our own spiritual point of view and become angels to people who are waiting for help.

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•First of all, I would like to point out that this is NOT a contest. I consulted the curators for about two months, but I couldn't get any results. That's why I decided to start this activity. Because I know this is the right decision.
The feeling that made me decide for this event was both my help to other people and the second @lidiasteem that I was impressed by a share in the community.

• We may remember her helping an old lady in this post. I was touched by the fact that she got the materials she needed. I know this happiness very well. That's why I think the more good we do, the more peaceful we will be. You can look at this link to examine the post.



  • I want him to be in charge of this event as she sets an example with her beautiful heart. :)

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What will be the Benefit of this event?

First of all, when starting this activity, two important points are that people who need help are happy with a certain amount and secondly, the person who helps will receive a reward.

I hope that @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will support this event, saying of course this is not certain.

Another benefit to you is that the happiness of the person you help will make you happy. I will be very happy if I cause this, maybe once, from far countries.

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What are the Rules of the Goodness Chain?

• Introduce the person you are going to help

• Show where he lives if possible

• No fraud accepted

• Describe how you helped

• Show the invoice when you receive their needs (Not necessarily, you can take it from your home, or cook and take it away.

• A single paragraph or a single picture will not be accepted.

• Be sure to use the #womenclubchainofgoodness tag to collect posts under a single tag and for ease of selection.

• Be sure to share in this community.

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Event Tips

• You can cook for someone who is in need of help or is sick.

• You can take it where it needs to go

• you can help wherever it is needed.

• Any malicious submissions will not be accepted.

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Event Rewards

Each post is not guaranteed to receive votes, nor is it guaranteed I will provide votes as much as the Community Voting power. While choosing the quality posts of the day, I will definitely send 1 quality post to the curator every day. Apart from that, of course @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @booming will try to support you in these posts.

Don't ask me for votes. No votes are guaranteed.

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What is the Effectiveness Time?

It has no date.

I hope you will be interested in this event. We can multiply the goodness like a chain. Don't forget to resteem this post , so that everyone knows about it.

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• I also provide voting support from my own community account and personal account.

• Remember, votes are not guaranteed. Also be patient for the curators to vote. To be successful at Steemit, it is necessary to work hard and be patient.

Thank you so much for supporting both women and the community. @steemcurator01 @booming , @steemcurator02


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@steemwomensclub .. This is a really good idea. During a pandemic like this, many people need help. We can share the kindness we can with those closest to us in a variety of ways. I love social activities. and hopefully @steemcurator01 and also @steemcurator02 will support this event. Thank you sisters,,

Thank you too .. for showing me this idea. I hope everyone participate this event with good support.

What a great initiative. This is so much valuables here in this community.

hermosa y maravillosa iniciativa, me encantaría participar en una. Dios permita lo pueda hacer en algún momento. Espero hagan una hermosa labor mis demás amigas de esta comunidad.

Nice contest at @steemwomensclub , this is a good idea that every lady has to contribute to because in one or the other we have tried home hair treatment and i believe we will also learn from each others post .

Hi @steemwomenclub Thank you for the initiative of having this chain of goodness. We just posted ours and we The Shenks will inspire people to help those in need especially during this pandemic.

It is a very beautiful and inspiring idea, I hope I can join and contribute a grain of sand to the cause :)
Good day!!

I love this beautiful action, I do know the feelin' too. I'm In.

 4 months ago 

Hola amiga, que linda labor me encanta esta manera de motivar a las persona ayudar con el corazón.
Es bueno tender la mano a quien lo necesite, te hace una mejor persona cada dia.

Dios te bendiga besos y un fuerte abrazo!!

 4 months ago 

Proud of our community and myself too! Cheers for our ladies♥️

you should be proud of yourself <3

 4 months ago 

Thankyou so much for the valuable comment and all the support.

это прекрасное начинание! репост, конечно!

 4 months ago 

Hi @steemwomensclub, how are you? I hope you are doing well and fine. Here is my blog related to this event, wishing you all a pleasant day and please take care, cheers, ainie

 3 months ago 

What a wonderful idea to influence the chain of support!
Great to see all the happy faces :) :)