Why we love Internet?

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Hello my dear Steemians,



Have you ever thought that since we have internet our life is completely changed. In the past when we were children we loved to spend any free moment outside provided we were not preparing our homework. Summer holiday was something that we really were waiting with anticipation to have more time, warm and long days and our real friends who we could do something together, like to build sand castles, to create a dam and divert a path of a little water stream out in woods or on beach. Of course we were running the whole day and forgetting to eat but even so we were not malnourished.




What is happening today, we have Internet 24/7 flat rate that we can surge from morning till night and watch movies and play online games.

It is only a shame that the young children are getting used to that since their childhood and later on we see that they are not really interested in real life, friends only online with nicknames that nobody knows if that is a real person of the same age or maybe not

The fitness is gone, we see either overweight young children and teens, who never been active on other hand we see those who are not eating because they have not time and could be hours in front of screen without eating.

It seems to be a new normal in Western Europe, but I can’t get used to that.

I just hope that those young people will one moment notice what they are missing and start to live and enjoy it. The life is too short to waste it for cyber world.


The life is too short to waste it for cyber world.



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The Internet solves human problems, when I first learned about the internet it was called only an Intranet from a book that I have read, like computers in an area linked to one another for some purpose like gaming and file transfer, chatting, and such, so I thought "wow this is just amazing".

Then the Internet service began, I can't wait myself to get connect which was almost impossible at that time because computers are expensive, smartphones are non-existent, and I have no money.

Now internet connection is free because I get to connect with my sister's WiFi, she do not want to take my share of the Internet bills. I use the connection for this purpose now and to entertain myself, my parents too always watch funny videos through their smartphones unlike when the only form of entertainment was the TV and radio for them.

It has become a necessity for a person to get connected because it solves their needs to socialize remotely, to work, to study, to entertain themselves by watching videos (good and bad), to make money, and other things you can imagine the Internet helps us with that.

But it indeed has it repercussions with the Kids or children. They are always at home with faces zeroed in to their mobile devices if not their PCs, some children's eyes gets affected by their long exposure to the light given off by these devices.

They not much socialize physically to other kids and I no longer see or hear children paly our local native games which is a sad thing. So our society now is evolving and I am not sure how the future holds with this kind of society being formed because of the effects of the Internet, sure it had improved our lives but in the other hand there are negative effects for us and all we can do for new users like our children is to teach them how to use it properly so it will not hurt them in any way because the Internet is here to stay.


I believe for many who experienced life without Internet, it is easy to appreciate what is free time and communication in real life. Even if we are addicted but we know when to put everything to side and do something else. But indeed young children they start their life with all electric equipment and even the Birthday presents nowadays some electronic stuff, to present a book like it was in the past is something that some people may not even appreciate.

I am glad that your sister shares Internet with you, this is what we siblings often do, of course Internet opens wide world which is necessary but hope people will combine both real life and Internet both in certain percent would be great mixture :)

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I mean to be controversial but not mean-spirited. The way of the world indeed has become faster with more instant gratification but I don't believe it to be completely out of our control. What has become out of our control is the amount of hours adults spend working and I don't know if parent aged people, myself included, spend as much time playing with our kids.

If we don't show them how to play how can we expect them to learn, we are social creatures after all and darn it if they don't do almost exactly what they see us doing.

I agree with most of what's in the comment above. I also think that the notion of kids not discerning between what is a virtual game and what's a genuine experience of playing with their pals outside is completely, utterly wrong.

I think everything depends on every single of us what we do and how we grow our children. Of course in this busy life, we often have so busy schedule and have so little time with children, luckily in our family my hubby took off from his work so we never had any baby sitter.

Nevertheless, I feel it is important that from children ages they should be able to spend time together playing and what is the most important to be able to make friendship that will prepare them for social life.

 2 years ago 

All the past time was better. That's what people say, but I disagree. I remember with nostalgia the way of living in my childhood but I also remember the discourse of adults: they always said that their time was better.
This is a conversation I've had with my kids on a number of occasions, especially when it comes to the topic of socializing. Sometimes I am tired of spending so much time on the computer and I would like to go back to the times when you would meet your neighbour on the street, talk to him and see the children playing with other children. My oldest son says that the computer is his "window to the world" and that he socializes much more now than he could have done before. And he is right, thanks to technology he keeps alive his friendship with schoolmates from many years ago, some of them are in Italy or Belgium, Spain or Holland, and he is in Chile. Also, thanks to this cyber world my children get together almost daily to play table tennis (with Oculus lens) despite being separated by more than 11,000 km away, and they end up sweaty, tired and happy as if they had been physically next to each other.
The day will come, I'm sure, when my children think that their time was the best and not the one that the new generations are living.
Our nature, many times makes us remember only the good things of past times and we idealize them.

Your words reminder me how one day after me and my husband were talking about golden-80's said that it is not true and nowadays it is also great time, because everything is good in Europe, we can travel, there is good music and songs. When I heard that I just recalled the same conversation that our parents led telling how good were their time when they were younger that made me smile.

Maybe this is normal and we just need to let them grow up and show us how they are and let them to live their life, of course we want to give them our experience so that this is easy for them but in reality they all want to learn on their own mistake, what kind of paradox.

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I agree!

“The fitness is gone…”

I take this very seriously! I run 2 to 3 miles every other day. I eat mostly healthy food. And I stretch all the time. I do this, because if I don't, there's going to be hell to pay the older I get.

And a healthy lifestyle leads to less medical problems in the future. So I get up from the computer often…and go walk…or pull weeds…or stretch…something that improves my physical condition.

Great post and reminder @stef1 to get off the internet every once in a while.

That is impressive, I really envy the strength of your will, but without discipline there will be no success. I remember hearing that human needs routine, if regular jogging is one of the your normal routine that integrated into your life that is great.

I believe in general we are lazy and often we find something to hide it and for reasoning. We will be on holiday in July that is definitely the time when I want to spend much of my time for jogging and cycling, will see if I will follow this plan :)

 2 years ago (edited)

“I believe in general we are lazy…”

I am a 100% believer in that. I apply the second law of thermodynamics to this… where entropy always increases with time. And entropy is…if we leave a system to its natural evolutionary process…that system falls into disorder and unpredictability.

All things in the universe, including humans, work this way I think.

So I have to remind myself everyday, if I do not stretch and/or exercise, I will have pain eventually. That negative reinforcement inspires me to get on the treadmill :)

 2 years ago 

hello dear friend @stef1 good afternoon
Yes, I hope that the new generation will react and have a positive change
Beautiful works, I appreciate that you have taught us
have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked my works :)

I really missed these days. However, we are addicted to the internet now. Even though I miss these days, this version of me couldn't do without the internet😅

I can imagine but I think the wise is combine both why not to use the benefit of technology but also to know the time when we get off-line and spend a day or so in our normal days :)

Yeah, I agree with you:) Most important thing is the balance, I think.

 2 years ago 

Hello friend, I hope you are well.
You're right, it's incredible how children lose every wonderful moment of riding a bike, playing with their little brothers and friends for being on the computer all day. It is the duty of parents to be aware of children and not let them spend so much time on their networks or playing online. It is very dangerous because they can be exposed to many dangers.

I am glad that we delayed the time when our son received his first smart phone that was already in high school, luckily he never complained but really appreciated this move.

Of course seeing him today, he is like his friends on the same level and I assume he uses it for the same amount of time as others so even delay has not really changed anything, the circle of friends and they all do the same :)

 2 years ago 

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Sadly, society has changed with technologies, we have immersed ourselves so much in it that we become slaves, and really sometimes we reach the limit of just having fun with them, we children can make the change at least take away the hours of time in the computer, going on excursions, playing with them in the park, not losing those traditional games like simply running, how nice to be a happy child outside of cybernism.

Greetings and successes.

It is unusual to see how empty parks and playgrounds nowadays. I remember us climbing trees, jumping in river and spend the whole summer at water side with friends. I definitely miss old times and smart phone for me is only for telephone calls. Of course Internet on desktop for both work and currently for Steemit :)

We don't love the internet. But we have made ourselves dependent on it. Consciously and with our eyes open. Of course, many things are only possible thanks to this progress - but in my opinion, the loss of real quality of life cannot be outweighed by this. I avoid this as far as possible. I live quite well with the perception of being an obdurate exotic ;-))

Wir lieben das Internet nicht. Aber wir haben uns davon abhängig gemacht. Bewußt und sehenden Auges. Natürlich sind viele Dinge erst dank dieses Fortschritts möglich - der Verlust echter Lebensqualität ist dadurch jedoch meines Erachtens nicht aufzuwiegen. Ich entziehe mich dem so weit es möglich ist. Mit der Wahrnehmung als verbohrter Exot lebe ich ganz gut ;-))

I think we should use the benefits of Internet, like now we are repairing the car, a lot of work my hubby does himself and he learns a lot from youtube videos which is very useful, because we know the quality of the garages here. Luckily the orders from Internet of car parts also arrive relatively quickly a day or two :)

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