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All the past time was better. That's what people say, but I disagree. I remember with nostalgia the way of living in my childhood but I also remember the discourse of adults: they always said that their time was better.
This is a conversation I've had with my kids on a number of occasions, especially when it comes to the topic of socializing. Sometimes I am tired of spending so much time on the computer and I would like to go back to the times when you would meet your neighbour on the street, talk to him and see the children playing with other children. My oldest son says that the computer is his "window to the world" and that he socializes much more now than he could have done before. And he is right, thanks to technology he keeps alive his friendship with schoolmates from many years ago, some of them are in Italy or Belgium, Spain or Holland, and he is in Chile. Also, thanks to this cyber world my children get together almost daily to play table tennis (with Oculus lens) despite being separated by more than 11,000 km away, and they end up sweaty, tired and happy as if they had been physically next to each other.
The day will come, I'm sure, when my children think that their time was the best and not the one that the new generations are living.
Our nature, many times makes us remember only the good things of past times and we idealize them.


Your words reminder me how one day after me and my husband were talking about golden-80's said that it is not true and nowadays it is also great time, because everything is good in Europe, we can travel, there is good music and songs. When I heard that I just recalled the same conversation that our parents led telling how good were their time when they were younger that made me smile.

Maybe this is normal and we just need to let them grow up and show us how they are and let them to live their life, of course we want to give them our experience so that this is easy for them but in reality they all want to learn on their own mistake, what kind of paradox.

 2 years ago 

I agree!

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