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RE: Why we love Internet?

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The Internet solves human problems, when I first learned about the internet it was called only an Intranet from a book that I have read, like computers in an area linked to one another for some purpose like gaming and file transfer, chatting, and such, so I thought "wow this is just amazing".

Then the Internet service began, I can't wait myself to get connect which was almost impossible at that time because computers are expensive, smartphones are non-existent, and I have no money.

Now internet connection is free because I get to connect with my sister's WiFi, she do not want to take my share of the Internet bills. I use the connection for this purpose now and to entertain myself, my parents too always watch funny videos through their smartphones unlike when the only form of entertainment was the TV and radio for them.

It has become a necessity for a person to get connected because it solves their needs to socialize remotely, to work, to study, to entertain themselves by watching videos (good and bad), to make money, and other things you can imagine the Internet helps us with that.

But it indeed has it repercussions with the Kids or children. They are always at home with faces zeroed in to their mobile devices if not their PCs, some children's eyes gets affected by their long exposure to the light given off by these devices.

They not much socialize physically to other kids and I no longer see or hear children paly our local native games which is a sad thing. So our society now is evolving and I am not sure how the future holds with this kind of society being formed because of the effects of the Internet, sure it had improved our lives but in the other hand there are negative effects for us and all we can do for new users like our children is to teach them how to use it properly so it will not hurt them in any way because the Internet is here to stay.



I believe for many who experienced life without Internet, it is easy to appreciate what is free time and communication in real life. Even if we are addicted but we know when to put everything to side and do something else. But indeed young children they start their life with all electric equipment and even the Birthday presents nowadays some electronic stuff, to present a book like it was in the past is something that some people may not even appreciate.

I am glad that your sister shares Internet with you, this is what we siblings often do, of course Internet opens wide world which is necessary but hope people will combine both real life and Internet both in certain percent would be great mixture :)

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