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RE: Why we love Internet?

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

We don't love the internet. But we have made ourselves dependent on it. Consciously and with our eyes open. Of course, many things are only possible thanks to this progress - but in my opinion, the loss of real quality of life cannot be outweighed by this. I avoid this as far as possible. I live quite well with the perception of being an obdurate exotic ;-))

Wir lieben das Internet nicht. Aber wir haben uns davon abhängig gemacht. Bewußt und sehenden Auges. Natürlich sind viele Dinge erst dank dieses Fortschritts möglich - der Verlust echter Lebensqualität ist dadurch jedoch meines Erachtens nicht aufzuwiegen. Ich entziehe mich dem so weit es möglich ist. Mit der Wahrnehmung als verbohrter Exot lebe ich ganz gut ;-))


I think we should use the benefits of Internet, like now we are repairing the car, a lot of work my hubby does himself and he learns a lot from youtube videos which is very useful, because we know the quality of the garages here. Luckily the orders from Internet of car parts also arrive relatively quickly a day or two :)

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