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RE: Why we love Internet?

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

I mean to be controversial but not mean-spirited. The way of the world indeed has become faster with more instant gratification but I don't believe it to be completely out of our control. What has become out of our control is the amount of hours adults spend working and I don't know if parent aged people, myself included, spend as much time playing with our kids.

If we don't show them how to play how can we expect them to learn, we are social creatures after all and darn it if they don't do almost exactly what they see us doing.


I agree with most of what's in the comment above. I also think that the notion of kids not discerning between what is a virtual game and what's a genuine experience of playing with their pals outside is completely, utterly wrong.

I think everything depends on every single of us what we do and how we grow our children. Of course in this busy life, we often have so busy schedule and have so little time with children, luckily in our family my hubby took off from his work so we never had any baby sitter.

Nevertheless, I feel it is important that from children ages they should be able to spend time together playing and what is the most important to be able to make friendship that will prepare them for social life.

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