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Hi Steemians,
I decided to share a past event here on this platform. As I´ve just been back from Vienna and went to visit other exhibitions, and @o1eh asked me in a comment if I´d exhibited my art there, and I realised I hadn´t shared that event here. I looked back at some posts where I´d shared past exhibitions and seems like I never got to this one, so here it goes.
Here are some past exhibition posts I had shared.

So, I discovered Vienna back in the summer of 2014 when I went to do a painting workshop...
During this seminar we went to Vienna on a weekend and I visited De Es´s studio:
I then decided to spend a winter in Vienna to have De Es as my teacher.

I then went back quite often and I had found a good place to exhibit. I was then booked for the 29th of September of 2016 to exhibit in The Palais Palffy in Viennas first district. This is an exhibition venue that was linked to the Fantastic Art Museum that has disolved two years ago.
At this time it was a lovely opportunity for me and I made the trip there by car with all my paintings. It was very fun!
So, with a little bit of all this history, I can finally share some of the photos of the opening day. I was very surprised by a few visits I didn´t expect. Some friends and family came from Ibiza, then others came from Italy, England and Hungary. I was very happy with the evening.
Professor Ulrich Ganser presenting the exhibition and Bettinna Schuelke translating simultaneously for us.




Then, a few pics from friends...




















And some from outside...



The exhibition went on for two weeks and I enjoyed a lot of very interesting and fulfilling feedback.
Some paintings found good homes there in Austria.
I have very fond memories from that time.
Now when I returned to visit after not visiting since 2018 I loved catching up with many of my close friends I have there.
In fact I can say that in Vienna is where I discovered Steemit, those who opened this door no longer use Steemit but I do.

So, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of my past life that I have been remembering lately as I returned to vosot many of these friends.
Best Wishes!



You got a nice smile.. just like your artworks😁

 last year 

Thank you!

 last year 

That is so nice. It always feels great to create and have an audience to see it.

 last year 

Thank you! yes, it was a lovely gathering!

Great show. I'm a poor commenter and writer but I just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation of art and artists here :) I'm stuck forever it seems in an older world where talking was how we did things. Ahhh, how silly i must sound.

 last year 

Thank you so much for the feedback. I know exactly what you mean about the commenting, I´m not too good at it either. I enjoy seeing your images of California, where I used to live and feels very familiar! Best wishes!

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