Participation To TRX Staking Friday Initiative || 10 TRX Staked And voted

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Hello, lovely people today is trx staking-Friday, and sorry to say that I missed the previous staking Friday event but this time I am going to participate in this particular event and increase my tron balance also I have planned to invest my tron staking in any program that can give me a higher return than sr voting return because when you see the APR of this sr voting options then it is around four to 5%

so it is up to you whether you want to choose this sr voting or you want to invest somewhere else. However, SR voting will give you more benefits in terms of getting bandwidth and energy, and bandwidth and energy are very important in tron blockchain so in tron blockchain so it is also not bad because here you are getting multiple things and also getting 4% to 5% APR which is not bad still you have the option to invest somewhere else my opinion is to diversify your fund if you have more static staking. I don’t have that much amount in my tron wallet so I don’t have to worry about it but in the future when I have a big stack then I will think about it.

I have tronlink wallet extension so I am going to share step by step tutorial of tronlink.

First open tronlink wallet login and click on stake option.


You have two options bandwidth+tron power and energy+tron power. Choose your desired one and enter the amount.


Next is signing the transaction.


Now it's done you can do sr. voting and generate some APR



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Date Staked TRX Post
12-01-2024 10
19-01-2024 10
26-01-2024 5
02-02-2024 7
16-02-2024 10
08-03-2024 10
15-03-2024 10
29-03-2024 10
19-04-2024 10
Total 82

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Thanks so much for joining the TRX Staking Friday Initiative, and posting it, as many people will be discouraged from joining after seeing the post!

Wow you had following rules and regulations with stacking of 10 TRX as stacking to your account. Thanks for sharing this TRX-friday invitation with us. Now a days we have to earn more and more money so that trying so many different type of way. Like that it is also a way keep doing it.

Welldone friend, you have clearly shown us how you participated in this wonderful initiative which I must say is commendation.

 3 months ago 

In this Friday initiative you have done 10 TRX staking and voting.

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