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Greetings Steemians, Am therefore excited to possess gotten to the present last accomplishment task,it was associate degree enlightening expertise on behalf of me whereas doing all the accomplishment task and that i need to sincerely appreciate @crytokannon for pointers altogether the accomplishment task, therefore nowadays i used to be asked to compile all my accomplishment task along.


Achievement 1 || Introduce Self || @sunnybaba

My accomplishment one post i used to be asked to introduce myself to newcomers community as a entrant by giving my personal info and it's the verification through introduction you'll be able to check it out through the link higher than.

Achievement 2 by @sunnybaba,, Task: Basic security on steem

My accomplishment a pair of task was all regarding Basic security in Steemit,on however the keys perform and their uses.

Achievement 3 Task Content Etiquette by @sunnybaba

My accomplishment three task was all regarding plagiarism however dangerous its and it is best to put in writing your article free from plagiarism, perchance you wanna copy some other person article you wish to supply it and it additionally mention the categories of plagiarisms you'll be able to check the Link higher than.

Achievement 4 || Task Applying Markdowns || by @sunnybaba

My accomplishment four task illustrate on however applying markdown works and the way distinctive it's. during this accomplishment I applied markdown like block, making table content, markdown beautify your work once writing content.

Achievement 5 Task 1 by @sunnybaba || Understanding The Steem Tools || Review

In this task I learnt the way to checked **Delegation, reward outline and it's all regarding, I learnt that the way to examine incoming and outgoing upvote and additionally the way to delegate steem power (SP).

Achievement 5 task 2 : Review Steem scan by @sunnybaba

In this task I find out how to trade steem for one more cryptocurrencies and additionally DApps as a localised system.

Achievement 5 task 3 : Review Steemyy by @sunnybaba

In this task I find out how to see all the activities, was made-up by @justyy
And it is a helpful Tools to Steemit, I additionally learnt the way to claim steem and send cryptocurrencies to multiple accounts.

Achievement 5 Task 4 : Reviews SteemDB by @sunnybaba

In this task I learned the way to check pick power and additionally the way to check info on Steemit Blockchain and to see recent history like followers, following etc

Achievement 6 by @sunnybaba Task: Understanding Curation and Community

My accomplishment half dozen task talked regarding understanding curation and pick and it's the last task and that i learned the way to vote a article before three min mark when posting, that means when three min vote a post i'll gain hour Curation Rewards.




You have completed all the tasks in the Newcomer's Community in the Newcomer's achievement program. Congratulations.
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Hi, @sunnybaba,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.

Hi @sunnybaba

In your achievement 1, you must add a photo holding a paper with a current date.

I have been waiting for this.
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You can also verify that it is a farming account, since it has drawn its rewards and is even in Power Down. You do not meet the requirements of the Newcomers program:

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