Achievement 5 task 3 : Review Steemyy by @sunnybaba

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Hello my all friends, currently i am sharing with you accomplishment 5 tasks 3 by @sunnybaba. with the help of, we'd wish to review a tool by @justyy. Thanks yet again @cryptokannon.

Our accomplishment 5 task 3 begin :


Follow These Apps :

  • Blockchain outline
  • Block somebody
  • Tools
  • Account Registration
  • Witness Servers
  • Node standing
  • API
  • Bots


throughout this interface you may choose your things in steem blockchain. ar here for serving to you.

These Apps interface is Steem blockchain :

  • Chain Properties
  • Ticker
  • Versions and Hardfork
  • Dynamic world Properties
  • Configuration

Steem Blocks Viewer

This section shows America the foremost recent transactions of the steem blockchain, you will see here (Block #58866009
Head Block: 58866026, Irreversible Block: 58866009).




As you seen inside the interface steem tools you may scan entirely totally different steem tools :

  • Steem essential tools
  • Witness tools tools
  • Upvotes and Flags tools
  • Delegators and Delegatees tools
  • Follow or Mute tools
  • Miscellaneous Tools

Steem Account data

This is necessary steem account data. any user can search username throughout this way user can understand all of the data at the side of delegation. usually|this can be} often the foremost effective due to conclude any username. User jointly turn out a different account throughout this method screenshot given inside the house,

Account Registration ar follows:

This is a Free Steem Account Registration service provided by @justyy. In total, 3050 accounts ar created via this tool on the steem blockchain. you may scan freshly Registered Accounts on Steem Blockchain.

  • you may scan the Account Ranking on Steem Blockchain.

57713 Account Tickets might even be used to claim Accounts on the Steem Blockchain. you'll got to vary your Recovery Account once you receive the master.


SP Delegation Tool

Sp delegation tool to delegate sp to any account throughout this way merely technique.

  • kind your own username inside the selection.
  • click and search username we tend to want to delegate power sp (username).
  • kind the amount of the SP that you just would love to Delegation.
  • Click the strategy you'd wish to use for the delegation SP ( Steemlogin----Steemconnect )


Witness Server screenshots


usually|this can be} often another tool for witness services is here to elucidate these decisions. It offers net service to the following details follow as :

  • Name
  • Location
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Disk
  • Cores
  • Port/Bandwidth
  • software package

API Nodes

This tool is in addition necessary and has its own property to point the nods, you will see the screenshot ar here :


several thanks


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I’m glad that you have successfully completed your Achievement task. You can now proceed with the next achievement task at your convenience.

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Hi, @sunnybaba,

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