Achievement 5 Task 4 : Reviews SteemDB by @sunnybaba

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Hi friends

I am very happy with my achievement 5 task 4 review my link is. Thanks @justty @steemchiller and @cryptokannon.

Start Our Work

You have to go to the website. Then write your username on the search box and click on the recommended username by following the screenshot below.


How do I see the "recent history"?

To see the recent history of your required steemit account, you'll use the search box otherwise you will directly enter by link and therefore the recent history can seem on the house page then.


How do I check the various activities: Posts, Votes, Reblogs, Replies, Rewards, Transfers, etc.

The offers a good feature by that you'll be able to check the various activities: Posts, Votes, Reblogs, Replies, Rewards, Transfers, etc. i'm making an attempt to indicate some activities of my steemit account below by screenshots.


Here you'll be able to see the activities showing serially. Then click on the required choice as I'm clicking on all the choices step by step.













Social: Follower, Following, Reblogged ?

In the Social choice, you'll get three sub-options that area unit Follower, Following, Reblogged. to understand that United Nations agency has reblogged your post, you've got to click on the social choice and can seem a po up with three sub choices. Then click on Reblogged and you'll be able to see the required knowledge of your account. you'll conjointly read different two choices too by simply clicking on those.


How do I check my pick Power?

To check the pick power, you've got to search your username like the first half. Then when clicking on your username you've got to click on knowledge choice then you'll get the pick power and details on the proper aspect of the screen. you'll already see my pick power through higher than screenshots. although I'm as well as the particular pick power details screenshot here.


Thanks for reading my post. I even have tried to indicate all the desired choices by respondent to the question given within the @cryptokannon's action program. Please review this post and encourage Pine Tree State by doing comments, upvotes etc. Thanks.

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@ashkhan dear mod of newcomer community i am very worries verify my post please it's about 5 days ago

waiting for my verify post

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Congratulations your achievement has been verified. Now you can successfully proceed to your next achievement.

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Don't drop your achievement posts links below any greeters posts. It counts into spam. You can mention in your post or mention in comments below your post. I hope you understand. Thank you.

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Hi, @sunnybaba,

Your post has been supported by @ashkhan from the Steem Greeter Team.

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