Achievement 5 task 2 : Review Steem scan by @sunnybaba

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Hi friends, i'm so happy that I even have completed my accomplishment 5 task one. I even have confirmed the directions to follow in ending this task as directed by @cryptokannon. Today, I bring back y'all my accomplishment 5 task a try of that ready to|i'll} be able to be writing concerning review On this note, ready to|i'll} be able to be exploitation samples from my account to elucidate following the queries as provided by @cryptokannon which i plead with you guys to supply coniferous tree State listening ears. bt @sunnybaba

QUESTION 1(Please make a case for this Steem value and volumes on the date of submission of this review?)

Question one follows as :

  • log in to, then you'll see 2 charts once ar shown. I actually have shown this Steem value that is $0.46


  • Here, I actually have shown the quantity of Steem that is $11,524.86


queries a pair of (Please make a case for What all data is shown beneath latest transactions and latest blocks section?)

  • this section show upvotes comment dealings in account blocks,

  • Latest transactions embrace Block ID, User ID, Sender, Receiver, style of dealings, and amount.


  • the choices in Latest Blocks embrace the following: The ID, Heights, The Timestamp,The Block transactions which they unit mined by Witnesses. The arrow among the image below shows all of them.


queries 3( Please make a case for What all data is shown beneath Witnesses section and steps to vote a Witness?)

  • The witness section shows the total vary of witnesses and put together permits to vote whoever we'd wish to vote.


Steps/ways to vote a witness

  • Click on the vote at the right-hand corner of the witness you decide on to vote them. screenshots ar given as.


  • Click on the continue login button your username and your non-public posting key then click on.


  • at that time click approved


  • this can be votes for any witness ar success goes.

queries 4( Please make a case for what's DApps and mention three DApps that you have got already used or could use in future as per your interest?)

  • DApps stands for localised Applications that operate and run on blockchain like Steem Blockchain.

Epic Dice (Decentralised Casino Game)
Crypto Gamers (Decentralised Casino Game)


queries 5( Please make a case for the way to use "Quick Convert" and what's the fee charged for various Steem quantity for withdrawal?)

  • In site, quick Convert makes it gettable for North yank nation to convert our varied cryptocurrencies. Our steem are reborn into USDT, TRX, or BTC.

The steps below provide a vital understanding

  • come to the platform home page you'll notice a Menu icon, click on the Menu and entirely completely different selections will appear with the "Quick Convert" selections then click on quick convert.


  • once it opens, you additional service supported your needed requirements. the requirements includes; amount of steem, the currency and thus the address.


  • i choose one hundred steem and choose transfer that I actually have examples and build associate degree order for you.


  • here I see my example one hundred steem ar enclosed is.
  • Mention fees
  • In USDT (Fee): one.39999640 USDT
  • In BTC (Fee): zero.00050866 BTC
  • In TRX (Fee): four.15011249 TRX

Question vi (Please make a case for what data is provided by the "Search" feature?)

  • Search Feature is a crucial feature provided by comes 3 styles of options.

  • dealings

  • Block

  • Account


Special because of @cryptokannon for your guide in closing this achievements. it will be to my greatest happiness that everyone that will bear my journal ar typically able to understand my rationalization.

  • thanks can for disbursal your terrific time on my accomplishment 5 task a pair of.



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Hi, @sunnybaba,

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