Achievement 6 by @sunnybaba Task: Understanding Curation and Community

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Hi fellow Stemians!

I hope you individuals square measure fine. So, this is often my last action that is regarding understanding however ballot, curation, and community systems work on Steemit platform. I even have completely scan the guide written by @Cryptokannon in Newcomer’s Community relating to curation and community. i'm about to answer the queries for this action supported my understanding. Let’s jump right into it.

1. does one perceive however ballot and curation add steemit?


On Steemit, there's a group reward pool. The those who post quality content on Steemit platform square measure rewarded through upvotes of the individuals. The upvotes of these those who have higher STEEM POWER (SP) will add bigger price in terms of rewards as compared to those those who have lower SP. as an example, one vote at 100% from a user with high quantity of SP is more practical than a hundred votes from different users UN agency have terribly low SP. Therefore, on Steemit platform, it's counseled to continuously power up some of your earning for the property and higher operating of Steem platform. every post pays out when seven days of posting.
Steem users usually earn curation rewards by upvoting and commenting on different people's posts. The steem rewards square measure distributed in such how that 1/2 the payout goes to the author of the post/comment and also the partner goes to the keeper.
Of the five hundred that goes to the keeper, the keeper can receive but 100% if the keeper votes inside the primary five minutes. The split of {the five00|the five hundred} that the keeper receives throughout the primary 5 minutes is calculated linearly supported the time the vote is forged.

2. What happened if you vote a post before five minutes marks when posting?

When a post is upvoted inside the primary minute of being denote, the keeper receives two hundredth of the vote, with the remaining eightieth about to the prize pool.

When a post is upvoted inside 2 minutes, the keeper receives four-hundredth of the vote, with the remaining hr about to the prize pool.

If a post is upvoted inside 3 minutes, the keeper receives hr of the vote, with the remaining four-hundredth about to the prize pool. If a post is upvoted inside four minutes, the keeper receives eightieth of the vote, with the remaining two hundredth about to the prize fund.If a post is upvoted inside five minutes of being denote, the keeper receives a 100% curation incentive.


3.for Steem Witness ? and Why?

While i used to be doing my action five task one, I went through i used to be surprised however simple its interface was for even a newcomer like Pine Tree State. At that moment, i made a decision to vote for @steemchiller for the event of this superb tool.

TimeCurator RewardsRewards in pool
The moment of posting0%100%
At 1 minutes20%80%
At 2 minutes40%60%
At 3 minutes60%40%
At 4 minutes80%20%
At 5 minutes (or More)100%0%

4. What community can you take part Steemit, and why?


Being a Pakistani, I joined the

  • STEEMIT Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
    a tremendous community serving to and supporting individuals not solely from Islamic Republic of Pakistan however from different countries likewise. The leadership of this community is functioning terribly arduous for the promotion of Steemit platform.
    they're making an attempt to make a healthy and validatory atmosphere by organizing completely different contests and by upvoting and promoting quality content. though I even have honest data relating to cryptocurrency however i need to find out additional.
  • SteemitCryptoAcademy likewise. As presently as i purchase SP needed for enrollment, I will be able to get myself registered into their crypto learning program.

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