Achievement 1. Joining Date 10-08-2020. My introduction post

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Assalamualaikum. A long time ago I told my esteemed sir about my financial shortcomings. He was, of course, aware of this. I told him to arrange one of my jobs. A few days ago he told me about rex sumon brother . I communicate with him. @rex-sumon brother gave me enough idea about work and now I have started working on this platform. I lack a lot financially. My family is very poor which makes it very important for me to work.

I did not have a good phone to work on this platform. @toufiq777 and @rex-sumon and steem Bangladesh community took the initiative and paid me to buy a phone. Yesterday I bought a phone and today I created an account. I will pay them by earning money by working on this platform. I want to thank them so much for giving me such a good opportunity.



I want to introduce myself to you today

My name is Md. Russell Ahmed. I am 18 years old. I live in char - agrakunda village of Kumarkhali upazila of Kushtia district in Khulna division of Bangladesh. I am studying in the 2nd semester of 1st year of Electrical Department of Kushtia Polytechnic Institute. But my studies have stopped because of covid-19. I am spending my time at home now. I hope this problem will be solved very soon. There are three members in my family. Me, my father and my mother. My father is a rickshaw puller.



I didn't know about this platform. @rex-sumon a cousin of one of my Sir Mustafizur Rahman, from whom I learned about this platform and expressed my desire to work here. He is helping me do this.

My hobby

I love to draw. I started drawing from 8th class. I won 1st place in the National Children and Awards Competition in 2016. I have also received various awards in different events. Also love to hang out with friends. I like playing badminton very much. I would like to share some of my pictures with you.






My dream

I want to be a B.Sc. Engineer in future.
I will not let my parents work hard anymore when i grow up. I want to keep them at peace.

Why do I want to work on this platform?

By working here I want to raise all the money for my education. I want to help my parents financially. There is also a lot to learn on this platform. @rex-sumon Brother told me I can learn a lot from here and express my talent here.

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From #Bangladesh


Hi @rasel72,

You look a talented boy. Do your studies very well and you can go for the top with applying your multivalued talents to your knowledge. And keep writing.

Welcome to Steem Community and Congratulations on completing your task on Achievement 1: Introduction through Verification. Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 2 : Basic Security
See you soon!

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Hope you can do a lot of good work on the platform very soon and you do very beautiful art. This platform will definitely evaluate your talent. You always take care of your parents and I pray that you can keep them in peace in the future.

Hi, @rasel72. You are most welcome to the steemit platform and online community. Glad to have you joining us here. This is the best place for you to connect and learn from various bloggers all over the world.

Thanks so much for introducing yourself.
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I wish you a wonderful steem experience

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Hi, @rasel72
Welcome to steemit

Hope you get a good support from steemit. From here you can make a good income And that money you can spend on your family and education.

Diary game season-2 has been started. You can join the diary game. Hope, we will see a great diary blog from you. But, you will need a guideline. Hope, you will get that from here -

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Have a nice day

wellcome to bro. feel free to send me massage if you need any help. i am always try to support you.

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Welcome to steemit

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welcome to this amazing community @rasel72 i am very interested in those work above, actually i'm into arts but not that perfect. welcome once again, steemit is a place where you post your quality and original content and get rewarded for it.

welcome i'm glad you're here

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Hi @rasel72 !
Welcome to steemit. Hope you will get a lot more thing from here. We all are with you. You just spread your creativity and let world what you have in your beautiful and creative mind.

Those artworks are beautiful and steemit always appreciate all the creative work. We hope you will experience a great and extraordinary journey from here. Thanks @rex-sumon for connecting him in this platform.

Right now Diary game season 2 is going on which has already started since 01/08/2020 and it's run by @steemitblog. I hope you will get interest to take part in the game.

Here is the rules and guideline from steemit blog
1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 14 - The Diary Game Season 2 - FINAL Rules & Guidelines

1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 19 - The Diary Game Season 2 - FINAL RULES
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greeting from @tarpan

Welcome to join on steemit brother

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