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My name is @monirhossen. I am from Bangladesh. I like to know people and make friends. I have a some cute and best friends. I am a social worker and go out with my friends and family. Also, I like to visit and explore new places. Nature attracts me. Therefore, whenever I get some holidays I always try to visit new places with my friends and family.


My birthday is 1st January, 1993. I am not so beautiful to look at that people think I am a very ordinary person. I think is one of the 10 happiest people in the world And that's me. I love smile. My mind is the same as other people but a little softer. I can mix with almost all people and love to help them a bit.


I am the second son of my parents . I always try to listen and follow what my parents teach me. I always follow my father she is very amazing person that i ever seen. My father love me very much in family. He always support me to encouraged to make something different. I love my family very much.


My favorite sport is cricket so I love to play cricket and go to unfamiliar places. I also love to traveling and cook food. Life is full of experiences. Every moment we meet different people and face different situations. I want to make my family happy so that I can be their best son. This is my future. So we should always aware ad try to help people.


Thank you everyone for reading. Hope you support me and encouraged to my next post.
Kind Regards
Md.Monir Hossen

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This account is 2 years old Why did you post Introduceyourself now? @monirhossen

I didn't really know about Steamite so I didn't write anything about myself. Now I know a little bit, so I posted. I will post something better if I get your support. Thanks for letting me comment..

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Hi monirhossen , Welcome to the steemit community. Wish you will have a great journey in this steemit !
hanks for the introduction of yourself and 100% vote from me .. Have a good time here and keep in touch..

thank you..

Hi @monirhossen. Welcome to steemit . Thanks for introducing yourself in Newcomers' Community .

Steemit is a platform where you can share your knowledge and learn about people and customs from different countries.

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Thank you bro..

you are most welcome

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Hi @monirhossen ! Thanks for introducing yourself here.

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Ok..Thanks for the news and comments..

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