Contest 3.51: Looking Back/Look Forward #ccc

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This writing contest is open to anyone. Your entry counts if you stick to the rules. Please, read them before you submit!

For this week the prizes are changed. Only two more contests to go and the Community CCC has her 4th anniversary.




Looking back - Look forward

Write a text about what you look forward to or look back at.

Deadline: June 12, 2021 6 p.m. Parish time


New Rules

  1. Upvote this contest
  2. Write about the theme in 200+ words
  3. Use own pictures or mention the source.
  4. First tag: hive-166850 and tag #ccc
  5. Mention "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 3.51" in your title or text.
  6. Invite 3 friends to join too.
  7. Add the CCC invitation with links
  8. Leave the link to your post underneath this contest.
  9. Read, comment, support other entries.


  • a 100% upvote each entry
  • 2 Steem and 2 SBI share one winner
  • Bonus 0.5 Steem and 1 SBI if at least 6 entries


  • Feel free to write in your own language if possible add the translation in English.
  • Entries not answering the question or following the rules are not valid.


More information about the community and contests running you find at @team-ccc and @hive-166850

CCC = #hive-166850


This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
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You may copy the #ccc code (invitation) from here:




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 6 months ago 

Thank you for joining.
You have #1
Good to see you and I wish you lots of luck. 💖🍀

@mármol mucha suerte amiga en este grandioso concurso

Thanks for joining again. You have #2

I understand you, I am already familiar with that mental state, many times a combination of the confinement, the low votes situation. Also sometimes I feel affected, luckily I do not depend on only this entry, the combination of jobs helps me. I'm sorry I try to accompany you and invite others but in a general situation in cryptocurrencies a fall that affected everything, it discourages us a bit. But you have to follow those who admire you for your work. I have seen that those who have been launched as representatives of Venezuela always vote for them, I think you were not there and you did not see that. @gertu

Te entiendo ya estoy familiarizada con ese estado mental, muchas veces una combinación del encierro, la situación los bajos votos. También a veces me siento afectada, por suerte no dependo de solo esta entrada, la combinación de trabajos me ayuda. Lo siento trato de acompañarte e invitar a otros pero en una situación general en las criptomonadas una caída que afecto todo, nos desanima un poco. Pero hay que seguir por los que te admiran por tu trabajo. He visto que los que se han lanzado como representantes de Venezuela siempre los votan, creo que tú no estabas y no viste eso. @gertu

Welcome to CCC and my contest. You have #3

I am glad you made it. Good luck.
You have #4 💖🍀

I used to be able to write a lot before. Lately, body aches made me demotivated.

Thank you for your entry.
You have #5
Do not forget to read, comment and upvote the others.

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Thank you for your entry.
You have #7.

Do not forget to read, comment and upvote the other entries please.

Good luck. 🍀

Thank you for your entry. You have #8.

Good luck and thanks for joining again. 🍀❤️

Muy cierto todo un mundo especial, yo he contado con suerte de conocer algunos de los participantes steemians que viven cerca, fue muy divertido y bonito. También regañaba a mis hijos por las horas conectados y ahora no hay quien me despegue de aquí. Excelente reflexión @eve73

Los recuerdos de cuando estabas en casa y escuchabas música estudiando, limpiando, a mi también me llegaron esos recuerdos con tus letras, un extraordinario recorrido en tu pasado vivido @sarix

The memories of when you were at home and listened to music studying, cleaning, those memories also came to me with your lyrics, an extraordinary journey in your past lived @sarix

Thank you for joining again dear friend. I hope you are doing well.
You have #9. Good luck to you. ❤️🍀

Si hubo algunas bajas de energia pero muchos han regresado con muchas ideas positivas y con ganas de echar para adelante, sea poco o sea mucho divertirse escibiendo y compartiendo vivencias. @genomil

If there were some drops of energy but many have returned with many positive ideas and wanting to move forward, be it a little or a lot, have fun writing and sharing experiences. @genomil

Thank you for joining this contest.
You have #10

You have #11.
Thank you for joining this contest.
Good luck 🍀

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