Shawl! A fiction

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Dear friends

I am pleased to participate in the daily challenge of @mariannewest, Tuesday's message: shawl. I hope you enjoy.

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After leaving work that afternoon, Sandra approached the park, there suddenly appeared a cold breeze so that from her bag she extracted the white shawl she kept there. When she put it on your back, the sunlight shone with its last flashes and her thoughts wander into the last days in which her happiness became imponderable.

Before, she had been talking with Mary about the preparations she was making for her wedding with Miguel, she indicated that she was glad that they finally took that important step for their lives.

Soon Sandra and Miguel would leave their lonely lives to embark on the path of establishing a new family.

(to be continue...)

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Felicitaciones por su constancia en este reto de escritura!

Feliz año amigo @nachomolina. Muchas gracias por tu valioso comentario. Como esta la familia por Cumana?

Todo bien, gran amigo @felixgarciap
Saludos bien recibidos...

Very good, my friend!!

a nice reading!

Their lonely lives? How can they be lonely if they already met, went out etc???

I always feel uncomfortable if people keep saying/stating that being single is no good, think you are lonely. There is a huge difference between lonely and lonesome and being single. 😐

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Perhaps it is the mystery of life, we feel alone longing for the encounter with the Lord. Thank you for your reading dear friend @wakeupkitty.

@felixgarciap Perhaps but for that you do not need a partner. I am happy to be single, way more happy as I was married and I know many who would never get married again if they could do it over again. ❤️

You always weave the prompts beautifully in your story. Well done! : )

Resident cat here, walking in the backwoods to deliver today's new prompt:

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Hope they have a wonderful life ahead

Thank you very much dear @fredkese.

My pleasure