Photography contest CAPTURING FEELINGS, EMOTIONS AND MOMENTS 2.0 - Week #6

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We meet again around the 6th edition of our Photography contest "CAPTURING FEELINGS, EMOTIONS AND MOMENTS 2.0" and we continue to see great participation and support from the #booming healing program and the accounts @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 in many of the publications, which makes us very happy and surely you are also excited. That is why now we want to see your participation together with your commitment to build community.

We want to make the Steem platform the best place where we only get quality and interesting content for readers, in addition to seeing how content creators get involved in the community and this contest is an opportunity to show your quality, and your commitment to the blockchain steem adding a new rule. This week's theme will be:




We are in the month of love and friendship and many of us get romantic, taking serenades, flowers, chocolates, or perhaps surprising with a romantic dinner so show us that romantic moment that you have lived and tell us how that day was, perhaps the day that you took serenades, or the day you proposed marriage, perhaps a romantic night with the candles lit and the sky full of stars, or when you filled the room with roses. Maybe a rose was enough to create that romantic moment and make that special person fall in love more.

You must follow these rules for your participation to be valid to qualify for the prizes.

  • You can use a maximum of 3 photographs of the same moment and be allusive to Romance and you must write a review of the photographic moment with a minimum of 300 words.
  • the post must be created in the STARS OF STEEM community

  • You must place the tags #feeling, #steemexclusive and a tag corresponding to your country, example: #bangladesh

  • The photograph must be of your own creation, either with a phone or with a camera. But the better the quality, the more chances you have to win.

  • At Stars of Steem we are committed to the growth of the platforms so we will take into account your votes towards other participants in the contest thanks to the tool created by @steemchiller.

  • You must mention and place the link of this contest in your publication so that more people join.

  • Only one entry per person will be valid for the contest.

  • You have until Wednesday, February 10 to participate!

  • IMPORTANT: your publication must be original and exclusive for Steemit, it must not have been published on another platform and plagiarism will not be tolerated.


1 Place. 5 steem
2 Place. 3 steem
3 Place. 2 steem
4 Place. 1 steem


Thanks to Steemit, Inc. first and foremost and all those behind @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and the @booming program for supporting the entries.


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Saludos amigo aquí dejo mi entrada.

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Muchacho tiempo sin saber de ti saludos exitos feliz año

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Acabo de participar, mucha suerte a todos. ésta es mi post

Aquí está mi participación para esté concurso.
Esperó qué le guste mi post para este concurso N# 6.-

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Hola @sampraise Puedo participar en el concurso si no hablo inglés?

Acá os dejo mi participación.