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Hello everyone I am @shahariar1 mod of Steem of Animals Community.I am From #Bangladesh

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Assalamu Alaikum friends hope everyone is well. Today I'm going to share my Steem of Animals Community Twitter(X) campaign report. . Fewer users promoted posts from my community on Twitter than last week. Compared to last week, there has been comparable composting in our community. However, all users posting to the community are encouraged to promote X.

I have reviewed more than 26 posts in last 7 days Twitter notifies users who are not sharing their posts on Twitter about the share. And informed about how to share Twitter on their posts. I made a post in my community a few days ago. Here is a nice guide on how to share posts on Twitter. I am sharing the post link here. Link I have also shared these guidelines on many posts while reviewing posts. Everyone is fast becoming aware of post promotion. See you next week more users will share posts on Twitter.

Also for committee progress. We decided to have one moderator from each country. And the monitoring process has already started. I hope the community will start progressing soon. Our administration team is working hard for the progress of the community. I hope you can see the progress of our community very soon.

My Review Theme

Thank you for contributing to the Steem of Animals community with original and quality publications @abc contribution is a great honor for us.

Team verification results
Verified userYes
Tag #steemexclusiveYES
Activist concern for steem growth
Support # burnsteem25Yes
Support account growth steem.ofanimalsYes
Club status# club
Voting CSIabc
Verification date
Moderator Observation
  • Please share your post on Twitter and share the link to your tweet.

Determination of Club Status :

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Sharing the Twitter report for the 3rd week:

Active users94
Active on Twitter17
Total Tweets24
SLUser IDPost linkTag
1@steem-for-futurePost LinkYes
2@steem-for-futurePost LinkYes
3@nsijoroPost LinkYes
4@shahariar1Post LinkYes
5@shahariar1Post LinkYes
6@shahariar1Post LinkYes
7@medulPost LinkYes
8@medulPost LinkYes
9@medulPost LinkYes
10@zisha-hafizPost LinkYes
11@zisha-hafizPost LinkYes
12@rumanaafrozPost LinkYes
13@rumanaafrozPost LinkYes
14@shawlinPost LinkYes
15@rumaishaPost LinkYes
16@uzma4882Post LinkYes
17@lil.albabPost LinkYes
18@meheruntinniPost LinkYes
19@mahmud552Post LinkYes
20@saikat01Post LinkYes
21@yuswadinisamPost LinkYes
22@abdulmominPost LinkYes
23@caringmanassehPost LinkNo
24@shamima71Post LinkNo

Tried to give guidance to users who made a mistake while posting a post on Twitter.

[screenshot ]

This is my 9th Steem of Animals community report. I hope to come up with more users post promotion clicks next week. I am trying my best to promote.

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Best regards from Shahariar Rana


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Peace & Love!

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where is this post promotion link?

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I'm sorry I couldn't post promote because of internet issue...!

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Hi, @shahariar1 greetings, good to see you here :- Increase active members of the community and continue to guide users.

Proper Guideline Link to Post Promotion on Twitter

CategoryCorrect percentage
X - Promotion90% ✅


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