Daily Curation report of "Beauty of Creativity" community : Date [23-05-24]

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Greetings to all members from "Beauty of Creativity" community,

"Beauty of Creativity" community is a beautiful place where authors creative works are appreciated. almost all types of creative works are Accepted here. you can post your own stories, Poem ,creative arts and photography related content in "Beauty of Creativity" community.

Here, we share "Beauty of Creativity" community's curation report with everyone. We do our best to provide supports to every verified bloggers by curating their quality posts. We take utmost care in keeping our curation transparent. In the following curation list you can find all the posts of "Beauty of Creativity" community which are curated last 24 hours. All the posts are moderated by community moderators and curators.

This following posts were moderated & curated by community moderators @abduhawab, @faisalamin & @bountyking5. All the posts were checked for plagiarism, spams & copyright infringement.

Curation has been completed in a total of 19 posts from @curators on 2024-05-23 To 2024-05-24 Below is a list of This--

Serial NoUser idPosts LinkVoting %
1@bountyking5Beauty of Creativity " White Dhalia Flowers " 10% Beneficiary to shy-fox50%
2@abduhawabBee Fly (Ligyra tantalus )50%
3@faisalaminNew gaming monitor50%
4@steem-for-futureHappy 😃 wednesday: YELLOW 🟡 FLOWER 🌼 PHOTOGRAPHY58%
5@boc-contestsTop 3 Daily Quality Posts 75% Upvote + Steem Prize Contest - Beauty of Creativity || May 19, 202410%
6@shy-botDaily Activity Report | 19 May 2024 | Daily Prize Pool10%
7@kemsa10% beneficiary to @beautycreativity . Beautiful girl17%
8@mukitsalafiকাটার সৌন্দর্য ক্যাকটাস ও ফুলের ফটোগ্রাফি || 10% to @beautycreativity15%
9@rayhan111Beautiful flower photography37%
10@ripon40🌷Photography of the amazing beauty of nature.|| @beautycreativity 10% beneficiary by ripon4043%
11@ride1নয়নতারা ফুলের ফটোগ্রাফি | 10% beautycreativity46%
12@jasonmunapaseePhotography of a dragonfly || 10% to @beautycreativity43%
13@ashikur50Some photography from the park 🌸 10% for beautycreativity25%
14@sadia7ফটোগ্রাফি :বন্য ফুলের ফটোগ্রাফি50%
15@tasonyaআর্ট :- কালারফুল অ্যাবস্ট্রাক্ট।48%
16@mohamad786Photography on the road to beautiful scenery37%
17@narocky71BOC -: ডালিয়া ফুলের ফটোগ্রাফি50%
18@ah-agimআমার তোলা গ্ৰাম বাংলার প্রাকৃতিক সৌন্দর্যের আলোকচিত্র 📸 🌹20%
19@nevlu123Wild flower photography.by @nevlu12350%

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It was great to see the daily curation report shared.

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