Update #57: Writing Expedition ✍️, Have Fun while Writing! Choose From Varieties Of Topics

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Hello dear members of steem kids and parents community, welcome to week #57 of this dynamic of topics that can help us all to know what to publish on a daily basis. We thank all who were able to join in this writing expedition for week #56.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to write and we have been answering such questions on a daily basis.

These daily topics will serve as a guide and will assist you all in publishing original and creative contents that will benefit everyone.

These topics will be in line with the various contests that one can imagine and will help place your publications in line for support.

Below are the topics according to the days you are expected to share them

Mondays: health/natural

On Mondays, we can publish articles based on health and nature. The parents and kids alike will be interested in this topic. It could be the food you grow, the flowers, garden, farm, or weather update. These ones come under nature. For the health, we will like to read about kids and parents health in general.

Tuesdays: DIY/Arts/Drawing/craft/repairs/sewing/origami and more

Under this topic, share everything about arts , DIY, drawing, crafts, sewing, repairs, origami and more. Anything at all that you can do by yourself. We will like to learn from you.

Wednesdays: Crypto/technology

Write about cryptos and technology and let us learn from you.

Thursday: Literature(stories, poetry, prose)/music

Here, you can write your original/imaginary stories, poems, movies, music, any thing inspirational, creative writing and so on but they have to be plagiarism free.

Friday: Diarygames, fun activities, acts of kindness, School runs for the week, parent/kids interactions

We will like to read about your activities in form of diary games., Your fun activities, the acts of kindness you performed, the school runs for the week, the parent/kids interactions for the week and so on.

Saturdays: Photograghy/funny picture captions, take a picture of outstanding things around you and share your sporting activities/fashion

Upload original pictures and tell us what we need to know about them. It could be pictures about old memories, your city, your tradition, or anything at all but make sure that the write ups will not be less than 300 words.
Write about the sporting activities you engaged in. Writing about fashion.

Sundays: steem promotion/Recruitments/powerup

On this day, you are to share with us, publications about your steem promotion within the week, your recruitments, and the power ups you did within the week


9 sp to be won by 3 users who

  • made more entries than others. This means that you should make more entries for the 7 days. Out of the 7 different topics, enter at least 3 and to stand out, be sure to stand out

  • quality of your entry will be considered. So write so as to win

  • obey all rules

  • Your entry might be selected for booming support

  • the community curators might support your entry if they find it Worthy

Winners for the just concluded week

Will be announced at the comment section. Please check them out


Please note that we are community for kids and parents and as such, your contents must be useful to them all.

Make sure that you are doing at least club5050. We encourage more participation in club75 and club100.

Follow our X (Twitter) page

And share your post on X (Twitter), mention #steemkidsnparents #steemit #steem. To learn how to create a Twitter page, and share post links on Twitter, please check the post below by @ngoenyi


Also note that for each of the day, we will choose at least 3 posts that are related to the theme of the day. So make sure to follow the dynamics for a chance to be selected for each day.

Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and no AI generated contents will not be allowed and your words should not be less than 300. To help you check your post for plagiarism, please use this tool below to check for plagiarism, AI generated contents and also for word count. These tools will be helpful




Just copy all your write up and paste to check.

  • Entries Starts at 00.00 UTC on Monday, April and end by 23.59 UTC on Sunday, 28th April, 2024

  • You can choose to set your publication to 25% beneficiary to @null and use the hashtag: #burnsteem25 to make your entry more visible to the curators. To learn more please visit this post below


My Promotion, Recruitment, And Mentorship file👉 Let's #burnsteem25 To Make Your Post More Visible

We hope that this will serve as a guide for all our members. We wish you all the best

The winners will be announced at the comment section soon. Watch out!

Please, do not fail to delegate to steemkidss if you have the steempower. We will appreciate it so much.

We also invite you to join our curation trail. Visit the post link below for more information



Good luck to everyone!

@steemkids Community team



Cc:@stephenkendal @disconnect @steemchiller @pennsif and @patjewell


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Publicado en la cuenta de X de mi mamá porque aún no tengo la mía propia debido a la falta de celular.


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 3 months ago 

Congratulations to last week's winners 🏆 of the writing expedition contests


We have sent your reward.

 3 months ago 

Another week of writing awaits everyone!
Well done!

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