Steemit Promotion Challenge #01 : How Do You Introduce Steemit?

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Hello, communities of Steemit! Happy New Year to all of you and we hope that you have a blast new year celebration and we guess some of you might be busy preparing for this special day. This is the day where you gather with your family member and connecting and strengthen the relationship. Maybe you should introduce them to Steemit while you talk about your current lifestyle 😉

In this writing challenge, we would love to know how you introduce Steemit to your family members, friends, or stranger that you meet outside there.

If you been recruiting people to Steemit, we would love to know how did you share about Steemit with them?
How many people have you brought to Steemit until now? What is your secret to getting them to sign up here?
How do you plan on getting them to stay active on Steemit?

What are the challenges that you face when you introduce Steemit to them?

Please do share with us your experience in bringing people here so they get to enjoy what we been enjoying all this while on Steemit.

If you're not yet doing this introduction of Steemit to outsiders, we would love to know how you going to do it too, share with us your plan so others can get some inspiration through your plan too!
The more we are on Steemit the merrier!

Post entry requirement:

  • Your post must be #steemexclusive
  • Only 1 post-entry per person allowed.
  • Your post should be more than 300 words.
  • We prefer the post in English, but please submit your post with an English translation if you submit the post in your own language.
  • Please resteem this post and put #steempromo01 and your country of residing on your post tags
  • Please submit your entry post at steemingcurators community
  • extra upvote from @steemingcurators account and associates if you share your post on other social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Please put the screenshot of your share post in the comment section of your entry post.


@steemingcurators community has been accepted under the community support program that The Steemit Team announced recently.
We will select at least 3 best post entries daily to get an upvote from @booming curation account with 1.3million SP, and this writing challenge is ongoing until further announcement.

We will be waiting for your post entry! 😃
Keep steeming!

Kind Regards,
steemingcurators community building team.

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Wow, this will be an interesting challenge :) I think I'm the cartoon that says 'We are stronger together' :) I'll join!

We waiting for your entry post! Yes, those cartoons represent everyone in this world! 😃

 last year 

Sure interesting contest will gladly participate.

@luiyi-22 este concurso es para ti. Definitivamente.

Pues si, ya estoy escribiendo mi participación... Gracias por avisarme ♥

Tu también ya puedes echar tu cuentico!

¿Tu crees?.

Me daré un relajante baño mientras organizo mis ideas. ✅

¡Claro! Ya has traído a varios a la plataforma.

 last year 

Interesting contest to finish the year ! Will participate defiantly !

We will be waiting for your post entry! I know you have bring quite a number of newcomers into steemit 😃

Would love to attend this challenge asap, thanks for the invitation 😊

Thanks! We will be waiting for your entry 😊

Thanks for the appreciation sir, happy new year

These are the the screenshots of my social media pages ;




These are the linkd to my Facebook and Twitter ;

Awesome dude!

 last year 

Thank you! Visited and stay tuned for the resultsss

Hello, I have made my entry for the challenge and below is the link;

Thank you @steemingcurators for the contest, I await more from you.

#twopercent #nigeria

Thank you for your entry, stay tuned!

Thank you @steemingcurators fir the comment and upvote, looking forward to the results.

#twopercent #nigeria

¡Buenas tardes! Excelente concurso :D. Steemit es una excelente plataforma y poder hacerla llegar a muchas más personas :D

Aquí esta mi participación :D

También la compartí en Twitter:


This is my entry here

And on twitter

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