#PromoSteem Twitter Campaign || Announcing Contest Phase-I for 40 STEEM Reward Pool

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I know everyone is very interested to hear the announcement of the first phase of our Twitter campaign. In fact, we are very excited about this. Because for the first time in our community, an initiative has been taken to promote Steem on Twitter. Especially in the case of contests where everyone is following the general issues, we are trying to do something different.

We will complete this campaign in three segments in total, in the first phase our target is 40 steem. Where you all express your love with steem! The second step will be with 30 steem. You will invite all your acquaintances to join everyone on the bright potential steam and the third step will be 30 steem, giving the right instructions to those who will join your invitation so that they can start working in the right way.


But our thinking is a bit different, because we love Steam but can't present that love properly. So we are interested in doing this campaign a little differently. We invite acquaintances around us to join us and participate in the Betterlife journey. Because we believe Steam Life is Better Life. Let's know the details of our first phase rules-

  1. Make a tweet on Twitter by sharing Why You Love Steem.
  2. Write a post with that screenshot of the tweet through Steem Health community, write at least 150 words.
  3. Invite three of your friends to participate in this contest and Resteem this post.
  4. Post Title: Why I Love Steem || Entry for #PromoSteem Twitter Campaign Phase-I.
  5. Follow @hmetu & Subscribe Steem Health Community
  6. Must use the tags #promosteem #steemexclusive #steemhealth and your country (#Bangladesh for me).
  7. Share your post Link of the Entry under this Post.
  8. Make Sure your entry before 5 May 2021 Bangladesh Time.
  9. Tagging “steemcurator” will be considered ineligible for entry.

Prize Pool

1st Winner12 Steem
2nd Winner10 Steem
3rd Winner8 Steem
4th Winner5 Steem
5th Winner5 Steem

So I invite everyone to express their love for Steem and present the love story nicely, so that others are attracted and interested in joining with us. Everybody's sincere efforts never fail, we are stronger in mutual bonds. Let’s try our best for Steem Promoting with love.

Thanks @stephenkendal and @promosteem.com team for inspire me to do this campaign with #steem.

Tania Akter
Admin, Steem Health Community


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 2 months ago 

Thanks apu, Entry approved. Entry No 09

 2 months ago 

Entry approved, Entry No 13

Thank you!

 2 months ago 

Entry approved, Serial No-01
Thank you very much for the wonderful entry.


 2 months ago 

Thanks brother for your entry.
Entry approved. Entry no. 02

 2 months ago 

Well explained, Entry approved.
Entry No. 03

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much for your entry.
Approved, Entry No 05

 2 months ago 

Thanks apu, Entry approved.
Entry No 11

 2 months ago 

Thanks for your entry, Entry Approved.
Entry No. 10

 2 months ago 

Thanks for your entry.
Entry approved, Entry No 06

 2 months ago (edited)

Thank you for your entry.
Entry approved. Entry No. 08

 2 months ago (edited)

Entry approved, Entry No 12

 2 months ago 

Nice Entry sister, Entry Approved.
Entry No. 14

Very interesting contest, will express my love to #steemit thanks tania apu for this announcement.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome apu,
I know you are very active in the promo section. I am just following you for promoting purpose.

Its such an honor to be followed, keep following sis, will see you around! 💕

Hello friend!
This is really a great contest for promoting steemit..
My entry is on its way to this contest.

 2 months ago 

Happy to reading your wonderful words, waiting for your entry.

When is the closing date?

I want to participate

 2 months ago 

Sure, you can join. The Closing date 5 May 2021

Very nice initiative!

 2 months ago 

Hope you will patriciate in this initiative @bsfmalaysia

Sure 👍