My Report As The Moderator of STEEMIT PAKISTAN

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Hello everyone!
Most of the voting power is spent in the Steemit Pakistan community and remaining on other communities on steemit as I have other duties to fulfill. I have started checking the plagiarism on a serious note. So spammers, be careful I am coming. Besides this, I am commenting and guiding the newcomers daily, and my discord is full of messages and telegrams. As it was causing much disturbance in my mental health, that's why I have fixed some schedule over it. I will only be responding to your messages on Friday for curation and verification. Even now, people are reaching to my accounts as well as FB and Instagram. I don't particularly appreciate that my posts are flooded with the comments of "plz verify my post" and links everywhere. Please don't do that. I am doing my job to the fullest, and my primary duty is to verify achievement task 1 and the compilation post. Don't drop any of your links other than these 2. Dropping links irrelevant to the post is called spamming!

It's my report in steemit-pak regarding my work.


  • Delegated 2,005.201 Steem power to Steemit Pak
  • Checking the members and their #club5050 posts.
  • To calculate the delegations and their amount and according to the percentage of their delegation, distributing the 100% delegation rewards. I have not fixed the amount for the delegators because the specified amount of return in Islam counts as the interest, and interest is not allowed in Islam. We have to take care of all the things, and It might take more time because even after one delegator increases, I have to change the whole table and do all the calculations again. Maths is one of my favorite subjects. That's why I am doing this job XD
  • To distribute the 100% delegation reward to our generous delegators. Here is the link of the delegation reward.
  • To make the post of best picks
  • voting the members through the community account.

My voting in @steemit-pak


Bringing new users to @steemit-pak

My promotionPost to the Link

My Delegation

Successfully I have completed the journey of dolphin and moving towards the double dolphin, I participated in quad batch, weekly power-ups, and monthly power-ups as well in #spud4steem and finally the support of steemcurator01 for sure. I am so thankful to the steemit team who helped me in achieving my first dolphin goal. Now my next target is to be a double dolphin soon, and it depends on my earning prolly.


Checking Plagiarism

I am checking plagiarism of the posts that I pick for the best picks because I usually mute or warn those whose plagiarism is more than 20%. Don't use rephrasers because it changes the whole meaning of the sentence and the words are used so fancy and the RIP grammar. You can fool a plagiarism detector by doing this but not the one who is reading your post.

My Regular Posting


Important Note for the members

  • If I see anyone spamming my post comments and dropping the link of their achievement other than achievement 1 or compilation post. I will straight mute you because it's obviously not allowed in any community and dropping links is spamming. If your achievement 1 is verified you can start working in different communities.

  • Set actual beneficiary if you're writing in the title. I used actual because people are only writing on their post title" 20% beneficiary to steemit pak while they are not doing it actually. Ask for help if you need it and don't know how to set it.

  • Delegate to steemit pak. We prefer delegators before picking the best ones (this doesn't imply to the newbies whose repo is less than 55). If you don't know how to delegate you can ask.

Here are some essential articles you must read for your growth at steemit if you're a newbie.

image.pngWhat is Resource Credit and what you should and should not do - Resource Credit Support for the dedicated members of Pakistan exclusively by @vvarishayy - Give it a read if you're a newbie
Purple and White Zodiac Sign Animated Presentation (1).gifMistake Newcomers Do And Problems Newcomers Face
image.png!5 key points to succeed in Steemit - Steemit guidance post #2 by vvarishayy
image.pngSteemit guidance post #3 - what is steem witness and How to vote for a steem witness

Delegate Steem Power To @steemit-pak and Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

Steem On!


 3 years ago 

Assalam-o-Alaikum mam @vvarishayy!
Sir my post was selected one week ago which was missed by @steemcurator01 for #club5050.
And Now I have passed four weeks (one month) I not received any vote of #club5050. But I powerup much quantity about near 400SP.
So please guide me that I keep patience that why my post is not selected.
Please sir check my #diarygame which are made of top class but why not selected 😀.

Pink Blooming Bridal Bouquets Sales Presentation (1).gif

#club5050 #affable #steemexclusive

 3 years ago 

Oh sad, I can understand.
I'll see this matter. Thank you.

 3 years ago 

Thanks 😊 for hospitality mam!

 3 years ago 

Nice work sister. You are very good moderator sister.

 3 years ago 

Thank you akmalshakir.

 3 years ago 

God bless you pretty sister.

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much for sharing this report. You are doing great work. Keep up the good work.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for the appreciation 🤗

 3 years ago 

Such Brilliant Job Mam. You are very Hardworking Mam. My Best Wishes For You.
God bless you in every field in happy Life.

Regards! @arslanaj

 3 years ago 

Thank you arslanaj.

 3 years ago 

No need Mam. Just Keep Smile Always in Happy Life.
God bless you Mam.

 3 years ago 

Great work! You are doing a lot for the community, keep up the good work.

 3 years ago 

Thank you syedarhamamir.

 3 years ago 

My pleasure 😊

Great work as always keep it up.

 3 years ago 

Thank you mrsfurqan.

 3 years ago 

May Allah bless you more sis, you help alot. Thanks for all the support💙✨

 3 years ago 

Ameeen, you're welcome 🤗
Thank you for the appreciation aqsaejaz.

 3 years ago 

Wow. Way to go girl 👏🏻

 3 years ago 

Thank you pixie.dust ⭐

 3 years ago 

Thanks sister for this post. You are doing great work in this regard. I appreciate you.

Great work, Keep it up dear sister...

 3 years ago 

Thank you arifzulfiqar

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