Social Media and the addiction I Faced - What social media doing to our brains?

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How much social media is effecting our lives and health? How much is it effecting the people around us? How many lives are being monitored by social media organizations which are capable of using that information against us for their own gain?

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It's unfortunate that most times, we don't even realize when our privacy has been breached. We're always conscious about what other people think of us, but not as much as we should.

I was completely addicted to social media an year ago or more and I experienced that I can't control myself while using fb insta. When I post pictures at that time, then I wait how many likes I have gotten, how many people have viewed my stories and some other stupidity as well. It was like something uncontrollable but alhumdulillah I have taken myself outta that shit and now I can survive without it.

With the help of Social Media platforms, now everyone from your nosy neighbor to a complete stranger can monitor what we do, where we go and even who we meet. They will know the entire profile about us including our parents, financial status, occupation etc. You'll be surprised at how much information they have about us and how much they can use it against us. I was watching a data scientist video today and I was surprised that by just stalking FB account of a girl a person how made her fool. I still use FB and other social media because it's now a part of life and share too. But we need to be aware that social media can also be used against us. We're giving away data about ourselves every day without even knowing it. It's on you to decide how much information you want to share.

What social media is doing to our brains?

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We know that social media is addictive. We can't blame ourselves for being on Facebook or Twitter all the time because everyone does it, but there are consequences to this addiction.

Social Media gives us a positive high when other people 'like' our posts and we get attention from other users, but it also gives us an equally low when someone doesn't like our posts or when we get ignored by other social media users. Social Media addiction is a real thing which can only be solved if the user wants it to be solved.

The reason for this addiction is that whenever you get attention, your brain releases dopamine in high volume. Dopamine is an arousal hormone which makes you feel good. It's similar to a drug and is even referred to as 'the addiction chemical'.


The social media we see today didn't exist before the 1990s. Facebook was launched in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and Instagram in 2010. So we've been on social media for not many years which means, our brain hasn't adapted to it yet. Our brains are now changing to compensate for this addiction.

Our attention span is becoming shorter, we're finding it difficult to focus, staying healthy :( We are experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts because of the social media we couldn't quit. If you can relate even to one of these things then you need to get off social media right now as I did last year. I deleted the apps for many months and even now I don't have app for FB I use it from my chrome because through this way I don't use it always. You can say I have less self control but I treat myself like a person whom I am responsible for and I'm proud of that alhumdulillah :)

Social Media makes doing things alone look cool but it's not. A lot of people are experiencing anxiety and depression because of the constant pressure they feel when they're not on social media or when someone isn't liking their posts. A person can experience a major depressive disorder just because of this reason.

Be Aware of the fact.

Note: I am just discussing a fact. But your healthy criticism is welcomed.


 3 years ago 

This is an awesome post @vvarishayy. I am 16 years old and I am not on any social media platform. I only join steemit few days ago.

 3 years ago 

Nice.. I'm 19 years old and I got my first phone at the age of 17. And at the age of 18 I was totally addicted to it but I reduced my use of social media (useless scrolling) gradually by trackers and deactivation.

Do make accounts and use social media to be aware of the world but don't exceed the limits of scrolling. Social media is good too if you choose the productive part of it instead of negative.

 3 years ago 

Yep. You're right.

 3 years ago 

Rightly said @vvarishayy.
Our mental and physical health is being badly affected by the over use of social media.
We need to learn maintaining balance in our lives🌺

 3 years ago 

Right 💯

Great effort 😊🆗

 3 years ago 

Thank youu

I had a similar experience and that was in the year 2017, but thank goodness am out.

Thanks @vvarishayy

 3 years ago 

Victory ✌️

 3 years ago 

#club5050 😀

 3 years ago 

Social media addiction is very serious and we need to understand it and separate ourselves from it as soon as we can.
The outcomes are very sever we can have both mental and health issues.

 3 years ago 

Truee I agree

 3 years ago 

I couldn’t agree more! Physical activities have become less too just because of the reason that people have started to spend more time on social media.

 3 years ago 

Couldn't agree more 💯

 3 years ago 

This post helps a lot in terms of awareness of the disadvantages of social media, often they are overlooked. However, it depends on the will of the person how to make use of it. Congrats on your achievement on controlling it's usage.

 3 years ago 

You're right everything depends on the will of the person. Thank you for reading.

Good Effort @vvarishayy
Good awareness about social media.



 3 years ago 

Thank you.

Btw CC is used when you want to send the copy of your msg to someone.

 3 years ago 


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