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RE: My Report As The Moderator of STEEMIT PAKISTAN

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN3 years ago

Assalam-o-Alaikum mam @vvarishayy!
Sir my post was selected one week ago which was missed by @steemcurator01 for #club5050.
And Now I have passed four weeks (one month) I not received any vote of #club5050. But I powerup much quantity about near 400SP.
So please guide me that I keep patience that why my post is not selected.
Please sir check my #diarygame which are made of top class but why not selected 😀.

Pink Blooming Bridal Bouquets Sales Presentation (1).gif

#club5050 #affable #steemexclusive

 3 years ago 

Oh sad, I can understand.
I'll see this matter. Thank you.

 3 years ago 

Thanks 😊 for hospitality mam!

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