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We are trying to support each and every member on their quality content through prize distributions as we really focus over growing our community. Member's participation in the contest makes it possible for us, also Its a return of our efforts that we do everyday just for community.

But Also we want other community members to present their quality content as well Steemit Pakistan Contests are open for all you all can get a chance to win prize steem and also upvote from @steemcurator01, so don't miss the opportunity.

We have increased the prize for this contest as we saw that the engagements are not coming as the contest is a bit tough and the rewards are lesser. So Nothing to worry about and now write about the best moments with all of us :)

So going forward, Announcing The winners of this week's Contest:

1@faizanwrites078Visit now
2@salmanwains6Visit now
3@vvarishayy4Visit now
4@aniqamashkoor3Visit now
5@azizulhassan2Visit now

We will distribute the prizes of this week contest in next post.


The task for this week would be :

Steemit Advertising / Steemit Promo

It has been a pleasure hearing to all of you for the last eighteen weeks. This time we are thinking To Advertise Steemit , Its Upon you what kind of Advertisment you make ,you can make a banner , you can write All Points in your post that can attract More people towards Steemit -?

Lets come to the contest rules and regulations.

Rules, Are mandatory to be followed!:

  • This contest is open for Entire steemit Family.
  • You should write an article of 300 words to make sure that the quality of post is worth winning the rewards :)
  • Upvote , Comment and resteem Contest Post
  • Make sure to post in STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community
  • Use #weekly-engagement and #steemit-promo tag and your country #pakistan Tag in first five tags in your post .
  • Entries are only applicable until the payout of this post. 7 days from now.
  • Only allowed one post per one participant
  • Comment the link to your entry below in this post, once it is done.
  • The post should not be published in any other blockchain/platform rather than steemit so Use #steemexclusive tag as well.
  • As the purpose of This contest is Engagements, so Entries will be eligible for the contest if your post gets minimum 3 comments ..

How to Select Winners?

We will select 5 places according to the content, quality and presentation on your post. Along with the quality of your post, the more comments you have on your post, the better your chances of winning, so make sure to comment on each other's posts.
Each entry deserves a vote.


  • 1st Place - 8 steem
  • 2nd Place -6 steem
  • 3rd Place - 4 steem
  • 4th Place - 3 steem
  • 5th Place - 2 steem

So, Lets Get started from now.

Words of Appreciation:

We would love to Give Special Thanks to steemcurator01 steemcurator02 and steemitblog for their continuous support to Steemit Pakistan Our team members are working Continuously with your support.

We hope that you will continue your support towards our community.

Don't hesitate to comment if you have any queries.


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Thank you so much!

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much :)

CONGRATULATION @faizanwrites07 @salmanwains @vvarishayy @aniqamashkoor @azizulhassan

may you all get many more🙂

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thank you

Thank you! and Ameen 🙂

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Ameen jazakAllah

 5 months ago (edited)

may you all get many more

Jazak Allah aameen :)

May you too, get more success here and out of here too in your life <3

Thank you so much for the support and love towards my posts @steemit-pak, feeling grateful!

And Congratulations to all the winners!
@salmanwains @vvarishayy @aniqamashkoor @azizulhassan

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Thank you

 5 months ago 

Thank you! I read your post it was very good and informative.
Good luck for future :)

Welcome and Thank you!
Same to you for the future.

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Congratulations to all winners

Thank you!

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What is the closing date for this contest?

It will be closed on Sunday.

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yahoooo i have 5th rank now am proud of myself

thanks for the contest and support

conrats to all

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Please add achievement 1 link in your post for approval.