Steem Sri Lanka Weekly Picks and Open Discussion about Content Quality

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As I stated yesterday, today the Top Picks are presenting in a different manner. I am going to add my personal opinion on their writing style and quality. This thread is open for discussion so that I believe we can learn from each other.

Here are 5 selected posts from past week.

Busy with Green Gram by @damithudaya
This is a diary post, but more than a diary. The main scenario is plucking green grams from his field. The process has nicely interpreted. Tagged also for #growyourown, which is suitable for the content. One thing that I saw, using "< code >< /code >" tag for captions is little bit distracting to me. It will be nice if choose some other nice way :)


Today in the morning I went to the paddy field. From July to October it’s free months between 2 seasons of paddy cultivation. In this period farmers cultivate additional short-term crops like maize, green gram, millet, cowpea. We made green gram in 2 acres of paddy field

Premam (2015) - A Movie Review by @praveenw96
This is a movie review, after checking his profile we can see he is passionate on it. This review contains a quick summary of the movie, a review about location and actors as well as a personal rating. I would like to request him to try out some other areas too!


"Premam presents a beautiful love story in one hand and reality of life on the other hand. In here, the story is built around the romantic journey of the protagonist, George. This film shows three stages of George’s life"

Whale & Dolphin Watching and Other Attractions : Kalpitiya Sri Lanka by @pusidu
steemit is a great place to write about awesome experiences had in real life. Pusidu has selected a correct topic, and the most important details that anyone needs. Own photos as I feel. I think rather than adding photos as a collage, he could add some full photos in between paragraphs


"Kalpitiya is one of the few places in the world where you can observe these amazing mammals in their natural habitat. There are many boat services available where you can hop in and get a tour"

It is important to be physically and mentally strong at this time when an epidemic is spreading around the world. by @madushanka
Strong topic selection and presentation. His passion is motivational writing. I am suggesting to add #betterlife and #mindbodyspirit with these kind of posts.


" Most people who are very successful sometimes, almost everyone has reached the top level through hard work. Those who continue to work hard often benefit more than those who do not"

Noodles Comparison : Which is the Best ? by @dilshan96
Hmm.. What a cool topic. He is writing his own experience and his own opinions about what he did, with own photographs. He is new so still learning about things, so my suggestion is when adding images try to make them not too large or not too small. It will beautify your post more.


"During these 3 years in India I used to try almost all type of noodles available in the market that force me to write this article about noodles which I tried here."

Let me tell you some hacks to make your formatting tidy,

To Resize the Image

Upload it first, you can see as follows

Preview :-

Now copy part again and paste in front of https part and then give a size /200x50/. Carefully check the code below. You can set width x hight ratio accordingly.



To Justify

<div class ="text-justify">
Keep a blank line here
Your content

Let's Discuss

Put your suggestions, problems, opinions about what is the quality of a post, and what we can do for improving quality. You can tell anything you want and bring any examples you have seen before in steemit which you feel "this is awesome" 😀

cc : @steemcurator01


When I use the code
div class = "pull-left"
/div , I can't apply it correctly...



Can you show me What is the wrong on my codings....???
And also citiations are not work also.....

It should look like this @sandupi. put Div is only for image. then type the rest of the thing below.


You have to put ENTER after the div tag. That's why you see ![rashid.png] part there.

You'll see your expected out put as below.


Got it... Thank you so much @randulakoralage🤗🤗🤗

Now your quotation > will work in front of image and also in front of the text. You mentioned a good question. Thanks

Didn't know about these stuff! Thank you very much!

Is there like a recommended size for the photos? Or suggestions? Thank you.

Thanks for selecting my writing too ❣️

Actually there are no rules in steemit about sizes of photos.. But with my personal experience and preference, the image size shouldn't too large. There are some images that cover the whole page. It is not pleasant. Those images should be resized.


whole screen is covered. Readers need to scroll multiple times to pass the image.

Use your creativity to minimize the size. Not too large nor too small. (for vertical images) The following one is nicely displayed.

Original post

The second point of mine is, Horizontal images add more neatness than verticle images. It is nice using full space left to right than bottom to top.

@anroja is some one perfectly use photos in his posts. If he see this he can also give an advice for us : check this from anroja. You will love it


Thanks for the heads up!

Yup, anda benar sekali, terima kasih @randulakoralage.
Posisi landskap (horizontal) akan terlihat lebih baik dibandingkan posisi potrait (vertikal).
Untuk ukuran gambar sebaiknya disesuaikan sehingga tidak mengurangi kualitas gambar tersebut. Bila perlu gambarnya anda edit sedikit dengan aplikasi agar terlihat lebih baik.

Thank you so much Anroja.. This is useful for everyone

Sama-sama Randula, saya senang di mention oleh anda.
Sukses selalu untuk anda..

Wow!! All the top picks posts are really superb and thank you @randulakoralage for your great effort for arranging a place for an open discussion about content quality.
My problem is I haven't idea about what to write and is it suitable to write. The other thing is how can I measure quality of my content. What can I use as guidelines to write a quality content?

Hi @anusha96 if you have participated in the Newcomers Achievement Program, we have shown and discuss what is quality content about in Steemit.
Basically, your content should be giving out value/people find it helpful/added more knowledge to them. If your content was inspired or you get the idea from some reliable source, you should include the source link for that information, the same goes for the photos you use in your post.
Anything that is not coming from your brain should have given a source so that your readers can have further research on it.
Link to Achievement 3 : Content Etiquette

My problem is I haven't idea about what to write and is it suitable to write.

The Steemit Team has solved this problem for us and they gladly support it too, The Diary Game is the easiest one, you just write about your daily life from morning until night, any moment from this timespan that you want to highlight and share with Steemit Community. Next is A Better Life with Steem with the 7 themes to write that The Steemit team has announced on their blogpost 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : A Better Life with Steem - new Content and Curation Project

If you like cooking you can join the Steem Food community and write about your recipe, then there is Writing and Review community where you can write about anything of review whether its the book you read or movie/drama that you have watched. - STEEM FOOD community. - Writing & Reviews Community.

Hope this helps. If you still not clear feel free to ask. Have fun!

Thank kannon for your explanation♥️. There are many important facts to pick up.

Basically, your content should be giving out value/people find it helpful/added more knowledge to them.

We should always return some value from every thing we do. Similarly from article we write. Even from our diaries rather than just writing I wakeup, I brushed my teeth etc. That's the point.

I think there are no specific resources in steemit as far I know which has defined quality. But we can go farward with adding a value to both platform, readers and also for us.

Thank you @cryptokannon for your great explanation. ❤️
The things you've mentioned above will really helps to me. Hope to develop my writing skills through a quality content without any plagiarism. 🤗

ite. The other thing is how can I measure quality of my content. What can I use as guidelines to write a quality content?

The answer for this one is not clear for me also. Let's try to ask it form @cryptokannon if she saw this. Or give me time..

I haven't idea about what to write and is it suitable to write

This is coming from reading. When you read some other contents, at one point you'll understand the pattern. In my opinion, we can write anything. Even a little craft you made, or a domestic experiment you do, some where you went, some thing you really know.

If we get above top picks, we can see different kinds of topics. dishan96 wrote about his experience on preparing noodles. It is so normal but useful. Sharing knowledge and as a summary, it gives something valuable out.

Okay. Let's open this for discussion...

Glad for the compliment on my post.

One thing that I saw, using "< code >< /code >" tag for captions is little bit distracting to me

Well, I posted it from the phone, because of the lack of connection in the home. So, I didn't notice that. Hope now it's okay.


This is the way I used there

Oh I see.. 🤭

When you use 4 spaces in front of your text, it converts to a code snippet in mark down. (4 spaces = 1 tab)


Preview :


see.. Don't put spaces if you want to add tabs. Just use &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <- this code.But I think it is not necessary. use <center></center> tags and type in between :)

Ah, thanks for this explanation. I didn't know about this 4 space thing.

Hay.. Thank you for choosing my post. I really appreciate your comments and i will follow them in my upcoming posts.
All the pictures are captured my myself only.
Thanks again ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾❤️

All the pictures are captured my myself only.

Nice.. You did it nicely

Thanks for choosing my post @randulakoralage

You are most welcome :)

Hey @randulakoralage, Firstly I want to say biggest thanks for pick many good contents on Steem Sri Lanka community. I saw some users did their great job continuously to develop steem blockchain. But they didn't get very deserve rewards. I personally believe about content quality. Without quality we can't develop any communities. I didn't use these types of codes previously. So I'll try to do when I'll going to write content next.

We can write anything about our experience here. Also we can include any photo clicks for each contents. But my opinion is we must upload very deserve images to the each contents. Steemians must write quality writing without coping others. Thanks for letting opportunity to open discussion.

But my opinion is we must upload very deserve images to the each contents

That's right ayya.. Not too many photos, not lesser but relevant and copyright-free. steemcurator01 pointed out the issue of copyright-free images.

Thanks for this selection.

On a general note it might be useful to guide people on sources of copyright free images (eg pixabay, unsplash etc), and how to properly cite the sources of images used.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

On a general note it might be useful to guide people on sources of copyright free images

Yes sure. Thoes who come from new comers programs really aware about that. I'll do that.

Thank you for visiting♥️

Yeah, I received this advice from @steemcurator01 for my recent cricket post. I have tried pixabay, but I couldn't find relevant photos especially when it comes to cricket and IPL. That's the reason I used google directly. So, what's the solution to that?

Hi.. Just published weekly top picks for Steem Sri Lanka -> here