SEC-S15W4 | What is your motivation and pressure in Steemit?

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Hello beloved steemian wherever you are.

Welcome back to Steem Indonesia Community page. For week 4 of the challenge we have prepared an interesting discussion theme for you to have fun with your own original work. So! we invite all steemians on this great platform to participate in the topic "What is your motivation and pressure in Steemit? "

Short review

Many rich countries on this planet, people live in luxury and even have too much money, so it seems that they don't think too much about how to go to the trouble of earning money. It is not surprising that some people in Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Qatar, Macao, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Norway. They are not at all interested in becoming users or content creators on cryptocurrency-based platforms or other blockchain technology blogs for the purpose of earning additional income. unless they choose to become investors or investors on digital technology developers industry.

The opposite condition actually occurs in the majority of people in a number of other countries, where the phenomenon of people living below the poverty line is still difficult and they have to work hard to earn money in various ways, plus every year their country has to fight against inflation so that people's income cannot meet daily needs.

What is our hope in this challenge?
  • If you have to be honest! How many hours do you spend on the Steemit platform every day?, What is your average income for the last 7 days? and, Does the amount you get match your expectations?
  • What post/content themes do you really mastered and do you enjoy? and if you think your content is very interesting, how will you feel if your work doesn't get upvotes?
  • How do you motivate yourself to stay consistent on the Steemit platform for the long term.
  • What are the you strong reasons for choosing club 5050 or Club100 status?
  • What valuable items have you bought or want to buy with your Steem earnings?

"Read and understand well. We hope you don't miss any of the explanations for the points above!"

Rules you must follow
  • Posts must be in the Steem Indonesia Community
  • Any relevant country language is allowed
  • Post content exceeds 300 words (excluding opening and closing paragraphs).
  • Make sure you are in a minimum club status of club5050
  • Content must be Exclusive! (Hard prohibited: plagiarism, chat AI and upvote bots because it will be in vain!)
  • Images must be your own or include the source if using copyright-free images.
  • Use the contest title: "What is your motivation and pressure in Steemit?"
  • Use 4 main tags (#): steemindonesia-s15w4, creativewriting, steemexclusive, your county and Club.
  • Resteem this post and invite 3 other Steemians
  • Put your contest link in the comments of this post
  • *
    For newcomer accounts in the Steem Indonesia Community Mandatory put Achievement Task1 link which has been verified by Greeter at the end of the post.

If you arrange a 25% payment to the @null account, don't forget to include the tag # burnsteem25.

The availability for this content references is strongly supported by AI chat bots, so be careful. Because we only accept your original work.

Important things that contest participants must know are:

  • Each contest post must receive a minimum of 10 upvotes and 5 relevant comments from other users.
  • Provide positive vote support and leave relevant and quality comments of at least 50 words on other steemian posts.

The contest will start on Monday date 05/02/2024 at 00.00 UTC and end on Sunday date 11/02/2024 at 23.59 UTC

Contest Prizes:

We will choose 3 worthy and quality posts to get 3 Steem each in the form of Steem Power, as well as additional vote prizes from Steemcurator01

Have a good time! We will look forward to your interesting participation.

February 4, 2024
Steem Indonesia Community Team

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