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A quiet week

Another week on the work of the Knitrias Project, with no more major changes and the group continues its creativity and learning activities on the platform. Some really great contributions and the production of posts increased. On simple terms, it was a stable week.

A campaign for new Members has re-started, @Knitrias is inviting some new people to join the group, the next week the campaign will continue trying to cover the two remaining slots. However, we have a new Member that will join shortly after we complete the group, he is @Jadnven and will take the place of @AdelJose.

This week @Muftii is participating in the artistic contest by Art-Venture and Wherein. There's still time to give him support on the comment section of this post where his work is showcased:

Post: Inter-Community Project- VOTING: Art Contest by Wherein and World of Xpilar

Vote for @Muftii in this comment: Vote for @Muftii.

The interview with @Xpilar

The Interview has two participations only, even with two weeks of time limit. Both of them will receive the prizes for participation and for the winner equally. The Knitrias Project greatly appreciate the effort by @MyFreeLive and @Jacorv for their excellent contributions, they are both winners and already have received 15 Steem each one.

Readers can review the posts by these Members. Here we share the questions and answers on each interview.

Interview posts

Interview by @MyFreeLive: Special Challenge: Interview with @Xpilar

Interview by @Jacorv: Interview with Xpilar | Special Challenge.

@MyFreeLive's interview:

Q: Remember how it all started for you on Steemit?
A: Yes, I remember it very well.
My friend and I were already in the crypto market at that time.
We are logged on and trades on the stock exchange.
We notice a new coin "Steem" and see that it is among the top 10 on the stock exchange with a value of $ 3-4. We are curious about the big acquisitions and start our search online for Steem. We were very surprised to see that there was a blog page that offered rewards in crypto currency. We quickly realized that this was going to be big and we signed up for Steemit. At that time I bought approx. 26000 stem

Q: How did you manage to always have a good reward? Did someone help you?
A: At that time it was not easy to get in touch either, I commented on others but it was not often they answered back even though I gave a good upvote to their posts. What gave me rewards in the beginning was my upvote to others. It took a long time for anyone other than my Norwegian friends to give me an upvote on my posts.
But then after a while I became friends with many and my posts were rewarded.

Q: How did you come up with contests? Did it give you the opportunity to become famous on Steemit?
A: Yes, that's almost right, but it was just as important to answer everyone who submitted a comment and provide guidance on Steemit and Steem.

My first competition was to get others to read other people's posts and recommend them to me so that I could reward posts that normally didn't get good enough upvote.
It gave me many new friends and several of them are still here in the World of Xpilar.

Q: (Your artistic work) Is this related to your place of residence? Or your love for nature and its marine inhabitants?
A: Many of my videos are from marine environment, I love the ocean.
And some are from my hometown of Fredrikstad and others are from western Norway.

My digital photos are often characterized by marine environment, others are more science fiction, I love science fiction and everything related to space

Q: Do you have any talented people on Steemit?
A: I've met many talented people here and the list would be long
but I want to highlight @stef1 @sultan-aceh @crypto.piotr and @leveuf

@Jacorv's interview:

Q: What recommendation would you give to new users?
A: Many people come here the first time because someone has told them that they can make money here. If they are just here to make money, they will not succeed.

First, it's about making contacts and showing their honesty.
Over time, it has a great significance and that others will trust you.
They will then start reading your blog and then there will be votes and comments.

One mistake many people make is to post too many posts per day.
Then others lose interest. I would say that a maximum of one blog per day with good content is enough.

And when it comes to comments, they have to comment on what the post is about, not short comments like good post / re-steemed etc.

As I said, it's all about building trust and making contacts over time

Q: What motivates you in creating your art?
A: When I produce my digital images, I am in a completely different world that gives me peace and satisfaction. And my competitions where I ask others to write a story based on my digital image give me a lot because there are many good storytellers here.

Q: What has been your worst moment on Steemit and why?
A: My worst moment in Steem is when witnesses I trusted made decisions behind our backs without asking the community first when they froze the funds of Steemit, Inc. and afterwards made us believe that what they were doing was right.

After that, a war arose and the same witnesses wanted steem / steemit to die, I need not say anything more about what everyone knows the rest.

Q: What would you include Steemit to improve it as a platform?
A: A better editor with tools for many are unfamiliar with HTML./Markdown. It must be easy when large masses come to Steem / Steemit to make posts.

RC Status is also something that needs to be addressed, too many have too little RC and can hardly comment.

It must be easier to get an account / registration for this with keys is not easy for many and they forget our important it is to have a backup

Q: What would you be doing right now if Steemit didn't exist?
A: It was a difficult question. Many people might have answered Facebook, but that's not for me. Possibly I had my own blog on the internet with competitions.

On the Knitrias Project we are much grateful with @Xpilar for accepting and this initiative and for his wonderful answers. Certainly @Xpilar is one of the most influential Steemians on this platform, and his efforts on the support and promotion of good content has been fundamental in these times of adjustments on Steem. Thank you very much for all your support @Xpilar.

Weekly Information

The Members of the Project

We have two remaining slots for new Members for our group.









Contributions of the week

The last week the Members produced 37 posts, 7 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity
Branches of Longevity of Dr. Knitrias Maryana by @MyFreeLive
The Beginning of the Code of Survival./ El Comienzo del Código de Sobrevivencia. #Knitrias-Project by @AdelJose
Human after all - Humano después de todo | Knitrias Project Week 06 by @Jacorv
The Escape (Coryana) by @Rashia

Open Source
Dlive | Knitrias Project Week 06 by @Jacorv
Knowing about Dlive. Knitrias-project by @AdelJose
Open Source: Steemworld/knitrias-project week 06 by @KaySmile44

This week the pool was distributed in this way:

@Jacorv: 2 contributions: 6.6 SP
@AdelJose: 2 contributions = 6.6 SP
@Rashia: 1 contribution = 3.3 SP
@MyFreeLive: 1 contribution = 3.3 SP
@KaySmile44: 1 contribution = 3.3 SP

Challenges for the week

This week each challenge will have a secured pool of 10 SP that will be divided equally between the participants of each challenge. Each Member can participate with one post on each challenge.

Branches of Longevity (10 SP)

Short stories, developments and re-elaborations of literature, art, design, music, documentary research, kitchen recipes or others, on the characters and themes of The Longevity Statute, the world from which the character of Dr. Knitrias Maryana surges.

Chapters of The Longevity Statute

The longevity Statute (Part I)
The longevity Statute (Part II)
The longevity Statute (Part III)
The longevity Statute (Part IV)

Open Source (10 SP)

Theme: Steem Auto:

This week we are insisting in the need for the Members to join the curation trail which instructions were explained in the last report: KNITRIAS PROJECT: Week 06 (Graduation). Until now only @KaySmile44 has joined this trail, but all the members were urged to subscribe. So, this week to encourage subscriptions, the challenge will consist in creating a post about the tool SteemAuto by the witness @Steem-Supporter.

What is the functionality of SteemAuto. How do you subscribe. Which are the differences between the Fan Base and the curation trail. Which other tools are working on SteemAuto. Which other trail have you found.

Questions, suggestions and information sharing can be made in the comments section of this post.

All the Members are invited to post their Open Source challenge content in the Project Hope Community directed by @Crypto.Piotr

The Members are strongly invited to participate in the Discussion initiative by @Cmp2020. Every user commenting on the post will receive a share of the liquid rewards by the account @Penny4thoughts. @Knitrias is sponsoring this initiative on behalf of the Members of the Knitrias Project.

[Discussion Post] What is your Family's story?


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I'm interested in becoming a member of this fine project.

I'm Javier Diaz
I can write 4 or 5 times a week
I like the free writing topics where I leave messages of reflection, besides I know about economy, I also write stories.

Thank you very much for joining us!! Now you have a delegation of 200 SP and the @Knitrias account is following your posts. You will receive also some votes on your comments, mostly on the fellow Members posts according to the voting power of the account. We are asking the Members to join the Curation trail to vote on ~5 posts a day by the Members of the Project, you can set your votes at least at 75% or more if possible. Our trail is set on Steem Auto.

We have weekly challenges on the Reports in which you can participate to receive incentives in Steem Power from the weekly pool.

I wish you the best for the journey on the Knitrias Project, any doubt or comment I'm glad to assist! Welcome, @Jadnven!!

@knitrias, you falsely gave me SteemPower! That week I had not contribution, check it again.....

 last year (edited)

You did make a contribution that week: The Scape (Coryana). But is not registered in this post. I'm adding right now!

Steem Power fairly transfered!

Oh okay

The @knitrias project keeps on growing. Keep up the excellent work.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

It's greatly appreciated receiving this encouragement by the Steemit Team, your support has given this Project a great boost and many opportunities to its Members and also the coordinator. Thank you very much for the well wishes and the great spirit of your initiatives.

Send you the best winds for every project on the Steemit Team!!

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Thank you very much for your great support, dear @WorldofXpilar!! It's been a great pleasure to travel on this adventure!! Thank you very much for your help!!

Best winds for life and projects!!

Gracias por todo!

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

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We hope you like live music too because #musicforsteem

Muchas gracias a ustedes, queridos Amigos!!

Thanks for being great companions on this journey, your support has been greatly important for every one of us!!

Best wishes for life and all the projects!!

Dear Members!! Last week I skipped two posts, one by @Jacorv and the other by @F21Steem! It was a busy week the last one! Please if you see some post has not been re-steemed by @Knitrias on 24 hrs, please send me a comment to notify!
Please excuse me, I'll try it won't happen again!!

Have an excellent week!!


No se moleste Doc! Jeje, suele pasar @leveuf... Cualquier cosa te avisamos! Si se me hizo raro como te dije en otro lado (hasta rimó), pero tranqui. 😉

Éxitos para todos esta semana! ✨

Gracias @Jacorv!! Por cierto, excelente post sobre DLive!!
Abrazo grande!

Gracias @Leveuf!