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Happy Independence day to all the Indians.


Hello everyone!

Indian Community in one of the growing communities on the Steemit platform and we all work to support and promote Indian Community on the Steemit platform.

On the suggestion of @stephenkendal, Today on the occasion of Independence day of India I would like to start a contest called I Love India.


In particular, contestants need to write a post about their favorite Indian places where they have visited or lived there, their memories with that place, moments spent there. It can be either a place or a city.


The competition is entitled: I Love India and these are the rules.

  1. All Steemit users with original content can participate.
  2. Title of Your post should start with I Love India: (the name of the place you want to report follows)
  3. The post must have at least 200 words and 3 original photographs.
  4. use #iloveindia #india tags in the first five tags and avoid the use of any unnecessary tag
  5. Join & Put the post, in the Steeming India community.
  6. Write the post in Hindi, English, or any other Indian regional language.
  7. Upvote and Resteem this post(Because the reward of this post will also go to winners).

Please leave a comment below with the link of the post participating in the contest.

Since this is the first contest organized by me and I do not have any idea of the responses on this contest that's why this Contest will last 2 weeks.

The contest will start from Today midnight (IST) and end next to next Saturday i.e. 29th August at midnight(IST).

Three winners will be select for the I Love India contest among all the entries based on the accuracy and originality of the proposed post.

Price Pool

The prize pool is 50% SBD reward(25/15/10) of this post + 10 SBD(5/3/2) but it will be increased by what the sponsors will want to offer us.

I would like to thanks @stephenkendal to sponsor this contest and I also request @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemingcurators @steemcurator07 @rishabh99946 @sumit10698 to Help & support this contest.

If anyone also wants to sponsor this contest then You are most welcome. please let me know in comments.


That’s really an great challenge coming from you. I will participate in it.

And I also would like to say thanks to you for promoting STEEMING INDIA community,

I would like to see how you are going to pick the winner, the idea I want to give about this make one more point in this to join the official STEEMING INDIA telegram group so that you can pick winner there by community votes.


I would like to add 10 steem in the rewards which will be directly given to you at the time of results so that you can send these rewards to the winners.

I would like to invite @rishabh99946 as he is country representative of India and would like to invite @steemitblog as they really love challenges

Great, thank you for participating and sponsorship! Much appreciated! I'll join the telegram channel right away.

Thank you @sumit10698 for sponsorship.

Great initiative done by you, I would love to participate in this contest. Just one question i have, how many posts are required? Daily posts or just 1 is enough?

Only one post is required.

Okay i resteemed this post already and will post entry in I Love India contest soon.

Wish you luck my friend.hope you make good post and came in one of the top three winner 👍.

I just got know about this contest and I am soo much excited to take part in it ....I would love to share about my favourite place in india .....as I love my india I got so many thing to write on the topic thank you so much for organizing this contest....

Wish you luck for the contest 🤗 & don't forget to Upvote and resteem this post for valid entry.

I am new to STEEMit , are these contest regular and been help regularly...?

yes, i will organize this contest in future also but price may be differ on basis sponsors.

Dear Friends,
Please find my entry for the contest here.

Wishing everyone the best and looking forward to some great content.

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