Good Health with Wing Chun Qi Gong

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The best health requires more than just good eating and exercise. It is a holistic approach that covers all aspects of your being!

These aspects are: 1. Mind, 2. Body, and 3. Energy.

But how to you train all layers?

By the practice Qi Gong daily. What is Qi Gong?

The Five Principles

Let's start with the 5 Principles of Wing Chun Qi Gong in this post to begin the journey to a better you!

Begin by reading the Introduction and then dive deep into the 5 Principles of Wing Chun Qi Gong:

  1. Don't Worry
  2. Relax
  3. Be Happy
  4. Concentrate
  5. Do your Best

The Lower Dan Tien

Now that you have covered the fundamentals, you may also have noticed that these 5 Principles cover Mind, Body and Energy at different layers. But how do you integrate these layers of your being into oneness?

The answer is the application of the Dan Tien


This is more then just theoretical understanding, which I have outlined in the post. Go beyond the pages, and integrate the new knowledge by programming this information into your being.

Secrets for Everyone

Check out the following occult secrets for a great primer into incorporating Mantra and the Dan Tien

  1. Mind Body Energy Training with the Mantra
  2. Mantra and the Three Dan Tiens

Safety First

These are the safest and most powerful types of Qi Gong on the planet. There are no fancy initiations or preconditions. All you need is a mind and body. Enjoy :)

Up Voting

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Sifu Jordan
(Don't Worry, Relax, Be Happy, Concentrate and Do Your Best)

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If someone follows these principles, she/he will have a sound body and mind. Thank you @wingchunqigong for sharing this. Hope you will find my posts interesting as I found yours!

Nice content @rezoanulvibes - Helping yourself first and then taking the time to help others will only return further blessings.

I agree with you. That's the basic. You can give others only if you have something. I like your post. Followed you! :)

You made an amazing content my dear friend. We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already upvoted you and following you, please think about that.Thanks and greeting from @phamhuuquy

Hi @phamhuuquy. Kind words but the best support is given unconditionally. And I only follow my inner Spirit these days. That provides enough support for me. If you keep following, who knows. You may find your inner Qi Gong Master too?

i love meditation thanks for @wingchunqigong

Great to hear @rasidulislam0433. Keep playing. Keep practicing.

ok thanks @wingchunqigong

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