Mantra and the Three Dan Tiens

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Figure 1 - The Three Dan Tiens

Following on from my Mantra Post, I spoke of the Samantrabhadra Mantra which is part of the Wing Chun Qi Gong lineage - see

The Mantra

The Mantra is OM AH HUNG

Recall that I said that a Mantra was a secret key to unlocking an Energetic Door. But what is this door?

The Energy Body

In addition to your physical body, you also have an Energetic Body. As I am introducing these topics slowly, let's begin with a very basic view of the Energetic Body - The Three Dan Tiens

Dan Tien can be loosely translated as the 'Elixir Field'. It's really a nice description as it incorporates an energetic place for medicinal purposes. And the Dan Tiens I am about to describe produce many benefits for your three bodies!

Upper Dan Tien

Also known as the Crystal Palace in Taoism or commonly referred to as the Third Eye, the Upper Dan Tien is located in the centre of your skull directly between your eyebrows.

In Taoism, it is the place of Shen or Spirit.

Middle Dan Tien

Located in the centre of the torso between the two nipples.

In Taoism, it is the place of Qi or Vitality.

Lower Dan Tien

Located below the naval in the pubis area in the centre of the hip.

In Taoism, it is the place of Jing or Sexual Essence.

The Three Treasure

In Taoism, these three locations are known as The Three Treasures. But it is much more than just three locations and has multidimensional meanings.

Buddhism or Taoism

You may be thinking that the Emei School where the Mantra originated is Buddhist, so why am I talking about Taoism?

The truth is, I am talking about the Energetic Body. So whether I use Taoist Terms or Buddhist Terms doesn't matter. These are just different schools that provide different maps to the Energetic Body. So see the Three Treasures as your first high level map to the Energetic Body.

Yes, there are much more detailed maps like you see in Acupuncture, but for now this is enough to get you started.

The Mantra and the Energetic Body

So when we combine the Energetic Body with the Mantra we begin to decode the hidden meaning of what the Mantra is pointing to...

OM = Upper Dan Tien

AH = Middle Dan Tien

Hung = Lower Dan Tien

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