Beat the heat with this cooling spray!

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It smells divine and keeps you cool for less than $1.00!

Satan is driving like he stole it across Europe, parts of the US and basically a good portion of the earth right now. How do I know this? Because it's hotter than sin! I am extremely heat intolerant, so I have tried many things to help reduce the heat.

The ingredients have wonderful health benefits as well:

Rose oil: Naturally cools hot, dry, inflamed, or itchy skin. It helps prevent scarring and varicose veins, and its a natural calmative to relieve stress. It's antidepressant, antiviral, and antiseptic.

Peppermint oil is calming and soothing, and is also naturally cooling. It's antimicrobial properties freshen and invigorate. The scent can also help heat headaches.

Tea Tree helps prevent acne, and treats skin rashes and burns. Mosquito's also avoid tea tree like the plague!

And this cooling spray has the added benefit as a beautifying agent by making your skin glow, reducing fine lines, and brightening and evening your complexion.

This is my favorite cooling spray. I use it as an uplifting body spray- and best of all it's unisex go guys will love it too! Try it- you will fall in love :)

What you need

20 drops Rose Absolute Essential oil
8 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
3 Tablespoon of fresh cucumber juice- strain pulp and seeds
1 Teaspoon Witch Hazel
Distilled Water
4-6 ounce spray bottle

Place all ingredients in your spray bottle and add enough distilled water to fill the bottle. Shake it and spritz (I close my eyes- I've never had a problem when it has gotten inn my eyes but it's just what I do)

The amount of drops is only a guideline, play around with it until you have your perfect recipe!

Keep the spray bottle in the refrigerator for extra cooling :)

Sharing is Caring :) and Resteems are tasty :)


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Images source Me and Pixabay

Stay cool my friends!

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I appreciate your support and love your comments and questions :)

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Hmmmm.... haruuum....


Would you be so kind as to elaborate? :)

Thank you

cool !!


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Thank you so much Dr. Otto via @banjo :)


You're welcome.

Oh yes, sister, I am down with this. We usually just put rose oil in water, but this sounds fantastic. In the summer you'd risk it getting a little sour with the cucumber juice if it was kept in the heat for days at a time, wouldn't you expect?


I use a 4 oz bottle in two days or less, lol. But I recommend keeping it in the refrigerator to avoid spoiling, or making a smaller batch.

But I do believe you can use it in this heat before it spoils lol!!!

Thank you - I am going to try this - I am in my menopause so the hotflushes are a bitch - thank you. Resteeming for all the HOTTIES out there LOL


Suhweet! Hotties. Me likes ;)

Also have you tried the gel cooling towels? Not the "cool towel" snap scarf thing, but the one with the gelly type beads on the surface? They are awesome for cooling, too, and last longer than cooltowl


O ok good to know - I have the ice towl thingy - will see where I can get the gel type


Pretty cool spray. Thank you for sharing.


Let me know how it works for you!

Smell so good.. I follow you. Warm regard from Aceh province of Indonesia, @razack-pulo


Thanks! Enjoy :)