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UPDATE: Contest is now closed! We have a winner! See HERE

Ok guys, we are going to flex a writing muscle we probably don't work out very often. This challenge has dual purpose, 1: You can win real dough, and 2: You will refine an important aspect of blogging.

You will become a better and more professional blogger by flexing the muscles for this challenge!

Your headline is the first thing a potential reader sees. That initial sentence will entice a person to either click to read your full article, or send them scrolling for the hills.

Your headline must be attention grabbing.

A blurb is a short description typically found on the back of a book or DVD.

Basically it tells you what the book or film is about in a few sentences as advertisement, and if done well compels you into buying that book or movie, or clicking on to read more, so you can experience the whole story.

As writers, sometimes we can be a bit overly descriptive. This challenge will exercise your creativity to cut out all the fluff and tell the story just enough so your reader gets the basic idea.

Clickbait is overly dramatic, grabs the reader by the emotions, and usually is silly or overdramatic. It hooks the reader- they must click on it!

This is going to be fun! And will expand your imagination by creatively spinning what could be a mundane topic- in this case something in the news.

How to enter:

Pick something in the recent news- must be within 30 days. Write a clever, attention grabbing title (headline) and brief synopsis (blurb). Post your news title and blurb the comments of this post. The entry with the highest number of upvotes wins 1st prize in SBD, and the entry with second highest number of upvotes will win runner up SBD prize. Also cite your source- post link to the news source.


Must be your own work.

Contest will be up for 7 days.

You may enter as many times as you like, however you can only win once. In the case of two of your entries receiving the highest number of upvotes you will only win one prize and will forfeit the second prize to the next entry with the next highest number of upvotes. That's so there are definitely two different winners :)

You must upvote and resteem the contest, and you must place your entry on the comment section of THIS post.


1st Place $6 SBD
2nd Place $3 SBD


Their percentage of 50% of the net earnings of this post. Whichever is higher.

For instance if this post makes $100 net in 7 days, the 1st place winner will receive $35 SBD and 2nd place will win $15 SBD. If the post nets $60, 1st will win $20, 2nd $10. etc.

Be sure to Resteem this post after you have published your entry in the comments, that way your followers can vote for yours!

Entry upvotes will be counted with third party verification and winner announced Thursday evening, August 10th, 2017.

Be clever! Be funny! Invoke Jim Carreys spirit and be cray-cray!

But most of all have fun!

Good Luck!


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I appreciate your support and ♡ your comments and questions :)

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UFO swallowing another UFO sighted across the world

The strange sighting of a mysterious diamond shaped unidentified flying object swallowing another UFO in dazzling lights in the dark of night was recorded live on video and in just a few hours it was watched over a million times. Is it not an enough evidence to convince you that we are soon going to meet aliens right on our planet?

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/826853/Alien-UFO-disappearing-portal-Yakutia-Russia-Colorado-Mexico-snopes-com

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Oh wow! That is a crazy story! lol

Don't forget to resteem!

Done! But I don't have a huge following for my blog and that's quiet discouraging for me to participate in such contests. Looks like this is a contest for who has the largest no. of will-do-anything-for-you kinda fans. Anyway, I'll do my best to promote it. 😊

No, not necessarily. When you repost something, not only do your followers see it, but you place it in the top of the feed again for everybody to see. That way even those who are not participating in the contest will see it and can vote :)

Gotcha! And do self votes & bot votes count too?

I cant distinguish a bot so yes. Everyone tends to upvote their own so there again , yes:)

Now this opens another arena ...a capitalism war! The person with deepest pocket can afford to buy more votes than a poor person like me.

Hey @arbitrarykitten, don't mind my comments! I ain't too serious here. Probably it's another way to place your post on top in trending posts and attract more visitors here ...I really dunno though.

A Capitalism war! lol!

Oh I know, and I like messing with you right back ;)

And you can upvote your own entry, too :)

Even before reading other entries? ...would be quite unfair to judge in favour of mine 👴

What I meant was that Jack can upvote his own post, Sara can upvote her own post. People each upvote their own posts. Does that make sense?

Ofcourse, it did make a perfect sense to me. But you may have wondered why I haven't voted my comment yet. Actually, to be frank, I've reserved it for a last moment fight 😉
(And that means if I'm clearly losing it then I won't be upvoting myself ...it's not in my habit to upvote my own comments).

Dude, you would be fun to play monopoly with. I like competition and creative game play. Just vote on mine and that will throw the competition off. :)

Copy that

I see where you're going.

Man, yea, it's gonna get hot in here!!!

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Man Arested after caught digging a hole in central London for his Bitcoins
On August 1, a man was caught destroying the pavement of a street in London. Later it became clear that he was trying to dig a hole to store his Bitcoins for his retirement. Turns out he did not pay taxes on these Bitcoins, so the police confiscated them and put them in a secure vault. The criminal will be sentenced to spend at least 1 year in prison for tax evasion.

There is no link to a real story. This one is obviously made up.

Oh no! This is good! It had me riveted!

Unfortunately for this contest the rules are it has to be from a real news story

Please try again but with an actual news story. :)

Nah. I don't really watch any news.
Also - I'm lazy.
I will settle with the upvotes on that comment.
It's a good enough reward.

Lol ok! Hey, thanks for your honesty!!!

Having Birthdays; Extremely dangerous for your health.

Scientists have discovered severe levels of nutrient agar spread by rapidily expelled bioaerosols existing on several cakes across the country.


Thank you @rcarter !

This is exactly how you should post your entry @Everybody! Perfect submission :)

:D awesome... Wasn't sure if I read the rules 100% correctly.

Great idea for a contest!


Perfectly executed :) Oh, and resteem it so your followers can vote for you :)

Good luck!

Italians Doubled the motion with One Charge !

WORLD Record were hit as Tesla Model S hit the ground in Italy!
But where to go now ? From Rome to Paris or as far as Barcelona??


Hi steemians this my entry for the contest , Thanks for the motivation @arbitrarykitten😉

You are welcome! And thanks for entering :)

Good luck!

Marijuana City; The Green Rush is here!

Small historic desert ghost town in California is looking to become the new "Pot Destination" for tourism.


Awesome @trezmala ! Be sure to resteem for your followers to upvote your entry!

And good luck!


431 Acid chucking cases were reported in London last year, the highest it has ever been in the capital. This year things are looking even worse as a new influx of individuals armed with sulphuric acid, a typical drain cleaner, which can also dissolve human flesh are running rampant throughout the city. Read more...

My own knowledge being a citizen of London.



Oh my. We haven't heard about this over in America. Last was really shared with us was a few years ago.


Hillary Clinton, The New Joel Osteen?

After Hillary Clinton suffered one of the most epic and humiliating losses in political history has now turned over a new leaf?

If she has indeed repented from her ways does that possibly mean her supporters will now also follow in her footsteps?

Source- http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450301/hillary-clinton-preaches-gospel-leftist-political-agenda

Lol sweet! Good luck!

Here's more coloured paedo's to keep your eyes diverted from what's actually going on

18 men of foreign descent but British born were convicted of running a paedophile ring. Just look at all those damn black faces; paki bastards. You won't catch us white / British people doing anything like this, oh no, we're perfect!

Hopefully this headline will finally keep you from asking about Operation Yewtree and why no-one of significant power is being arrested, and when someone gets close, the person in charge resigns.

Yeah, black people! Paedos. Back to your own country!

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40879427

Thanks for entering :) Good Luck @RaymondSpeaks !

Booo - you're late for our meet :P

Can Cute Toddler enjoy 1st Dentist Visit?
The day's adventure written by the perspectives of both the 2 year old and his father. Starting the day with his first Dentist visit.


Nice contest. Updated a couple of blogs to try out the new format. Will resteem.

Wonderful! Thanks for the entry!

Journey or Destination? You tell me!
The universe is telling him to drive out of town. Real Estate activities hinder the trip. What is one to do?


LOL!! Good one

Hehe yes!

Bye Bye Disney

Disney is creating it's own streaming service, which means that in 2019 there will be no more Disney on Netflix. If you want to stream Disney and have Netflix you will need to subscribe to both services.


I thought that was a joke. 'Cuz I know they are on good relations!

This is for school leavers to shape their writing, before sitting their October /November. Exams.

Can you elaborate?