Gridcoin - State of the Network - 17 September 2018

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Report #22 - September 17th, 2018

Welcome to the 22nd Gridcoin State of the Network Report. The SotN Report is a fortnightly report organized by @parejan and @jringo. It compiles useful news and statistics for the Gridcoin community.


It has been a long time coming, but the Gridcoin Foundation funds are now held in a multi-sig wallet! The holders of keys are Ravon, ifoggz, and quezacoatl. Two of the three signatures are required to release funds from the foundation. This is a step forward in for providing stability and confidence to the Gridcoin community when it comes to the management of the foundation funds. You can read more here.


GRC is to be delisted from Poloniex on October 25th. Markets will be closed on September 25th. The cited reasons are:

the technical and operational challenges associated with continuing to support the asset.

Be sure to close all trades and withdraw your GRC from poloniex by October 25th!

More information here.

There is a poll to whitelist a new BOINC project! The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project (DHEP) runs a Genetic Algorithm on your computer that will help create better self-diagnosing circuits.

Self-Diagnosing Hardware is capable of detecting deviations from its normal behaviour due to faults. Self-Diagnosis is important especially in mission critical systems such as medical equipment, transport controllers and those in hazardous environments such as space missions and nuclear power stations.

For more information go to the project website linked in the discussion thread found here.

The poll runs until September 28th. Don't forget to vote!


The stats update is divided into 3 sections: Blockchain Statistics, BOINC Statistics, and Project Statistics.

Every other week we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Thursday to Wednesday on fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, GRCPool, Gridcoin Stats and from individual project websites.


Blockchain statistics from 02/September to 15/September

The table below contains the blockchain statistics and covers blocks 1,352,139 to 1,365,734.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.


Team and pool statistics from 02/September to 15/September

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.


Project tables from 02/September to 15/September

The table below contains the project statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Project charts from 02/September to 15/September

The charts below contain the project contribution breakdown of the last 2 weeks.

(Source: BOINCStats)

This concludes the 22nd Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in two weeks. Happy crunching!

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Benvenuto DHEP !!! It looks great.

I think you should split stats for gpu and cpu projects separately.