Index 3.0


This is a landing page with all of my projects and postsubjects. It will be updated regurly when there is a new version I will update it also in my profile. I updated this document to version 3.0. I deleted the witness section after witnessing for a year without producing a block what costed me 2 server rent for a year a 600 euro.

Here is a link to my first indexpage yes I finally put one of my ideas to work. because I post different subjects and you want to know who I'am then this is the place to be.
Also I put a few links to help newbees get to know steemit faster. what tools can you use what rules must I follow.


My introduceyourself document
This is a document everyone should make to begin with. You get exposure and new friends. When you scroll down to the beginning of a profile this is the first post they will see.

Dutch profile homepage version

Dutch profile
This is a link to my dutch landing page.


Aquaponics try two day 9
This postchain is about my aquaponicssetup. I build this system to get free fresh food in my house, with fresh air and a few pets in return.

Home blog

Home day 42
This postchain is about my time during home. I don't work anymore until I really need it. It will be a few months sabbatical before I work again.

Coming around from 10 euro's a week

Cook for a week with €10,= week 4.6
This postchain is about coming around from 10 euro's a week, giving updates and tips how you can cook for only 10 euro's a week and my struggle getting there and keeping it.

Handy links for newbies

Band with issue
Check different things on steemworld
The steemit etiquette
Busy the new blockchain facebook
A blockchain YouTube variant d-tube
Steemfest is a yearly event to meet everyone
Automate with steemauto
What is a curationtrail
Get free upvote by swetting in realtime
Steepshot is a blockchain instagram
Steemitworldmap you can link your blog to a location
steemmonsters is an addicting cardgame


Ben je nederlands check dan de alldutch community. Als je vragen hebt over steemit of alldutch ga dan naar de discord van alldutch

I run also a Dutch blog it can be read here
I have a special steemmonsters account here


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