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Hello Steemians,

I'm very happy and want to share my happiness with all of you. I started this blog about a week ago and I'm completely thankful for all the people that are following and reading my blog.

To share my happiness I want to give 15 Steem Dollars to one LUCKY STEEMIAN

free sbd.png

Yes, that's right. ONE LUCKY STEEMIAN will get 15 SBD. To enter this FREE Giveaway you only need to follow the simple steps below:

1 - FOLLOW me @stevekelly.


2 - Upvote and comment on this post. You can comment anything but I would prefer you leave a link to one of your posts so I can also read your content and upvote.


3 - Read one of my new posts and like.

Posts below:




Crypto and technology


The winner will be chosen from all the Steemians who followed the instructions. I will reply to your comment on this post to let the Winner know. The Winner will be revealed on 20/02/2018




Hi Steve, I have followed you and you have followed me. Thank You. I have just joined and am still learning the ropes, so you are my first comment. This idea of yours is a brilliant way of reaching out to others whilst promoting your posts, well done! With time I hope to find my own style and way of helping others like you. I may even learn a thing or two from you. Keep up the great work!

Welcome to steemit! I'm still new and trying to figure things out myself. But if we come together as newbs to this platform we will increase our chances of exposure and success. We should follow each other!!!
Also, is great but lets be honest, the user interface is not as polished as other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram... However, a new app recently came out at
The app is basically steemit, but with a much more user friendly interface. Check out my link to find out more:

Hi I just followed you......

hi steve i just followed you pls do follow me @jaderoy32

hi Steve I just followed you

Hi I followed you follow me 👍

already followed you and thanks for sharing this post. welcome to steemit.
below is the link of my post too, hope you will like it.

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I just followed you.

Hello my friend; Good job in reaching 400 this quick; it took me 3 months ... but anyway Im participating; I hope I could win so I could continue with works Like this ; Maybe the system is broken as You say (the Steemit plataform), but It's also changing the lifes of too many people.

Hope you stay arround :B.

Hello @stevekelly, you are gaining followers quickly. I like your blog.

Hi I just followed you...

Hey @stevekelly! Thank you so much for bringing such positivity to the Steemit community! Keep rocking the Steemit game my friend!

Just followed you

Wow! 400 followers in 1 week?
Formidable (in french).
You're the man.
Here's my link.

I just joined about 2 weeks ago and I'm also hooked to this supportive community. I mostly write about Cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrencies related stuff.

Here my newest post on: Aethia - The Blockchain based Tamagotchi, Where You Can Earn Ethereum By Playing

Or here my latest market analysis: Did We Finally Pass The Bottom of this 40 Day Correction?

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

I wish you all the best luck!

all done your requerment dear friend @stevekelly

Nice one sir,it's amazing how far you've gone in such a short period of time,keep up the good work and generosity,I hope to learn from you.

Not so good chances to win but I'll give it a try:)

Just followed you

hello please follow and upvote me. Thank you! :) I think I will be the winner!! :)

400 Followers in one week? Good Job! Please vote in mi first post in Steemit... Here's the link:

I'm pretty new here and only have an introductory post to share with you. thanks a bunch

Okay really intriguing... I just followed you and upvoted too... Do check out my series..

Wow great opportunity dear friend ...
Follow, resteemed , upvote done my dear friend
Friend do not have their steem , they are better to win....

Hi steve a nice update from you... You just got an up vote from me.. Hoping to be among the 15 steem dollar winner... Hit me up for more upvote......

Hi @stevekelly i already followed you pls follow back, i really like your post..thank you for the opportunities of joining your contest.. I wish to have luck. 😊😊😉😉 below is the link of my post too, feel free to visit my blog.. It's not as good as other post but it's me and im proud of it.. Hahahah

Just followed you .

Thank you..i just followed you. 😉

Hey Steve, not here for the money, but just wanted to say this is a great initiative and very nice of you to offer money to someone who may need it. Well done, buddy!

I just followed you

Hi! Thanks for this kind of giveaway :D

i leave one of my posts it has english subtitles by the way :)

Greetings From Mr. Crypto!
I enjoyed your post and I'm pleased to meet you!

Please help us grow @rehab22 Follow/UpVote/Resteem
Original Content.

Cheers mate, thanks for upvoting my first post! Liked, followed, and liked ;)

Hopefully you can choose me, to make my post mre than good from now, i think you will do that. Thank you @stevekelly

Hi, I've already followed all the steps this is a very good initiative for those who walk slower... ;) here my last publication

Just followed you

Wow!! 400 followers in 1 week, awesome!! can you comment on how you got it? This is my recent post

hi followed and up voted! Thanks for visiting my page!

Nice post here's mine.

Also resteeming this, and I will have a look at your other posts. Thanks Steve.

I really would like to know how you got 400 followers in a week.

Please do check this out;

Just followed you

Followed the other day.. liked one of the posted you linked on here.
Wasn't sure what link to share, for now have picked a recent one

Following! Thank you for this chance, I am a glassblower sharing my art with steemit, and I am also doing a giveaway right now. I encourage everyone to go check out this post for your chance to win a hand made glass pendant!

I just followed you

thank you @stevekelly already invite and tell me about this post, I still have much to learn from people like you .. I will continue to do promo-steem as I post before, check here

Hi I just followed you

Hola amigo, acabo de iniciar en Steemit. Te dejo el enlace de mi primer post
te sigo y te invito a seguirme.

Just followed you

Nice initiative @stevekelly.
Nice post you've gotten on your blog.
I've followed all the rules for the entry. Hoping to win as it will go a long way in helping me.
Below is a link to one of my post. I'll be glad to see a comment from you😊😊😊

great Initiative

Just followed you

hey there! PICK ME PICK ME! haha! thanks for the comment on my introduction page! good luck to you!! xo

Just followed you

the only thing that I could help is resteeming your post for free. Have a good day.
Learn the rules how to avail the Free resteemed services here.

Hi I just followed you

Wow its awesome..hope i will be the one..but how can you u give me 15 steemdollars? By reesteming? Anyway thanks for this opportunity..goodluck to everyone! Includung me..😊

Thanks for the give I wish I would be the luck winner

IJust followed you

thank you for this opportunity

Already followed you and thanks for sharing this post. welcome to steemit.
below is the link of my post too, hope you will like it.

Just followed you

Hello again! You commented on my page. Today is my first day here. WOW what a day! I have a chance to even win some money. I have followed, liked and now commented. Thank you!

my blog

Just followed you

I just passed 400 followers as well! ..took me a little bit longer than a week though. XD

Here is a recent post of mine (it's an original instrumental I uploaded to DSound).

Keep Steemin'


Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, el dinero sera destinado a personas pobres que comen de la basura de mi país Venezuela // Thank you very much for your help, the money will be destined to poor people who eat from the garbage of my country Venezuela.

Anexo mi ultimo Post.

Esta es una excelente iniciativa y muchas gracias por el apoyo! este es mi post de presentacion es el único que tengo ya que soy nuevo

hello steve,My name is Jesson A.K.A @j-sone Beatbox artist on Steemit Im doned followed on you and upvoted!
Follow me: @j-sone

That is a nice way to celebrate! I loved your travel blogs. I most of the time do contests, I love to see people give there bests. So I show you a link of a freewrite because it actually says something about me. Hope you enjoy. And thank you for this opportunity.

@stevekelly You are the first person I followed on Steemit :D Congratulations on your 400 followers milestone.

thank you for being one among the first to like my first post.

Creative Idea. I like that the steem community seems to have lots of great, creative ideas!

Here is my introduceyourself, first major post! I am new to steem and really impressed so far, hope to make lots of friends and maybe after you read my post, you will get to know me too!

Hello, this is good specially for newbies . Keep announcing these kind of offers. Upvoted andidea follow u done. This is my link.

Hi @stevekelly thanks for this opportunity. I just followed you.

I would like to say thanks to you @stevekelly, you just made my day when you upvote my very first post here on Steemit. I just followed you and read first 3 of your recent blogs. I even signed up for Aethia so you would get an add-on to your referrals. Thanks for the wonderful articles and I hope you would choose me on February 20th as your lucky winner. Keep up the good work.

It's awesome that you do somethingliek this. If you are interested in gaming heres a link for you:

I have followed you a very blog good

Thanks for giving us this chance. If you are a movie fan, you can check out Thor: Ragnarok's review here:

This is the winning ticket CE0125B3-1949-448D-A115-F5516C320E0D.jpeg

I appreciate you reaching out and following me. Great work on here my friend, keep it up! I'm looking forward to your future works!

Please check out my latest post and follow me @terminallyill

Brother se nota que has progresado rapido en esta plataforma espero que sigas asi Exitos

Hello Steve, thank you for commenting on my publication and including me in your dynamics. I followed you and started reading your content! Very good by the way;) ... If you like you can see my little lapse time and tell me what you think.

hello. I have already followed and like this post. Very nice blog. keep on blogging. Keep up the good work.

Actually I don't feel lucky. Thank you, I'm not in.

amazing post must be vote for this

Congratulation on achieving 400 followers!

Hi @stevekelly very very nice of you to comment on my introduction post, By reading your absolutely worth-to-read post, I feel like getting a nice lecture on how I should perform in this wonderful platform. Hope I can win this, who knows right? A newbie like me can get lucky anytime hehe :D visit and upvote my introduction post here

Thanks for sharing the lucky draw. Hopefully I have enough luck

I have done everything, I hope to win! :)
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)

haha..I cant wait

hi, congratulations on you achievement, HERE IS THE LINK TO ONE OF MY POST, i hope you like it im new at steemit, im from Venezuela and im a graphic designer

Hey, participating~
good luck for all

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