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Hi everyone


I'm not so sure the contest is still going on or not, but I'd like to participate @anomadsoul contest of "GET TO KNOW ME" challenge, I was nominated by @areuspicy. But before start writing, I hope Eric feel better very soon... sorry to see he is in a hospital!

① about my name... "User name challenge"

The Steemit Name Challenge - @yo-yo/steemit

Well, I'm @yo-yo from Japan, I live in Nara prefecture next to Osaka or Kyoto. And also sometimes spend time in Berlin in these 3 years. I joined steemit since this February.
Let me introduce about my username @yo-yo first, @mathowl, super mathematics & designer guy who once lived in japan gave me this special opportunity to introduce my username, and this challenge was spread to Japanese community. Everyone enjoyed this challenge to know each other and their username more. I met @mathowl at here, steemit, and I'm glad to know him n I really wish I could meet him in person someday! My steemit logo the bottom of this post is designed by him :)

②about Nara, where I live

"A City A Story" Photo Weekly Contest#26 Nara,Japan #26【1001 Places To Remember】


I introduce about Nara with "A City A Story" photo contest by @aaronli from HK. This was also an article for a contest of【1001 Places To Remember】by @archisteem. If you are interested in architecture, please check it out!

③ a post for "My 2018" challenge by @anomadsoul

My2018-This is my Hobby:Weaving, Making tools and Archiving


And about me, I'd participated @anomadsoul's contest of My 2018, I spent 3 whole days to write this article, and it was the first time for me to get lots of comments from overseas... I really enjoyed writing this article. And I think you would know what is my interest :)

④Write about Japanese community

Thinking about Japanese community from Yoshiko’s post the other day

I sometimes write about how we can grow up our community. Staff of @steemit-jp doing very well, but sometimes we need to share our thoughts or how we can become more active... from writing side.

⑤Cross-community event

And because of the post above, we started planning about "Cross-community" event with HK and Singapore, and teem Malaysia supported our event. Thanks for @orientalhub from HK having such a great contest. I was one of a staff of this event and wrote these articles for it.

Japan's scenery "Showa-village"

HK-JP-SG a final post

画像 2のコピー2.png

I'm glad to know there's some English speaking community in Asia, and I believe everyone enjoyed having communication each other in English or each languages... I hope everyone keep touching n enjoy communication on steemit.

⑥write about travel with Multilingual...

an traditional accommodation in Korea

Where's Canary Islands?/¿Dónde están las Islas Canarias?

I love travel and explore places where I don't know so I sometimes tried to post about my experiences with the third language like Korean or Spanish... but it's a bit too much work for me and I think I won't try it anymore... or maybe some time ^^;;

⑦some contests I participate

GooglyEyes👀 No.3 ☘ A day of "UCHIWA" family/Un día de la familia "UCHIWA"

I like GooglyEyes contest very much, this is so fun to think about the name of them and stories, I feel like I become a kids or... feel creative spirit by myself of which I forget by everyday life. I try to find and participate these kind of contest from other communities, and try to introduce them to Japanese community.

Friday in Pictures

I also love this small challenge by @fukako, I enjoy to see how everyone spend their Friday every week. This challenge bring us to see our life around us carefully and enjoy taking fotos with fun...

(EN/JP)Education to associate the real life science and handwork

I couldn't write good article because I didn't understand the topic well because of language, I tried to participate a contest by @sndbox-alpha. I'd never ever write these kind of long articles in English before I started steemit, but I think I should try to write this kind more to brush up my writing skills... I'm happy I knew about @sndbox and other high level contest like this.

So... this is about @yo-yo. I thought I could nominate someone else, but I think today is a last day of this challenge, so I won't... thank you very much for reading this and this opportunity for writing this.



まだ間に合うかどうかわかりませんが、@anomadsoulさんの"GET TO KNOW ME"のチャレンジに参加したいと思います。記事を書く前に、@anomadsoulさんの病院の写真が痛々しいので、早く回復されることを祈っています!!





"A City A Story" 1つの街に1つの物語 週間写真コンテスト#26 奈良市【1001 Places To Remember】


香港コミュニティの@aaronliさん企画の「”A City A Story" 1つの街に1つの物語」という写真コンテストに参加することもあります。これは週に1回行われるイベントで、毎回テーマが決められていますので、このテーマに沿って自分が書きたい街について書くというコンテストです。この記事は同時に@archisteemさんの【1001 Places To Remember/覚えておくべき1001の場所】というコンテストにも登録させて戴いたものです。建築関係に興味がある人はぜひ挑戦してみてください。

③ "My 2018" チャレンジ

My2018 私の趣味のこと:機織りと道具作りとその記録


@anomadsoulさんの以前のコンテスト”My 2018”に参加しました。steemitで初めての英語での長文記事となりました。色々と書きたいことが出てきて気づいたら丸3日ほど掛けて書いたように思います。でもいつかは自分がやっていることを、このような纏まった記事にしておきたかったので、しんどかったけどいい機会となりました。





そして上のコミュニティに関する記事をきっかけに、香港・シンガポール・そしてマレーシアコミュニティさんとの交流イベントの計画が始まりました。これは香港の@orientalhub さん企画のクロスコミュニティ・文化交流イベントとして行われ、私はそのサポートをさせて戴きました。お互いがあまり大きくないコミュニティなので、積極的に交流をしてアジアのsteemitを活発にしようという目的もありました。

画像 2のコピー2.png








GooglyEyes👀 No.3 ☘とある日の「うちわ」家族




これは@sndbox-alphaの「教育と科学」のコンテスト参加記事です。残念ながらコンテストの趣旨の理解が乏しく上手く纏めることができなかったのですが、今後は英語のブラッシュアップも兼ねてこのような教育やレポート関係のコンテストにも挑戦して行けたらいいなという思いを持っています。皆さんも機会があればチャレンジしてみませんか? ただ英語で文章を書くよりも、このように注目が集まりやすいコンテストなどに参加する方が、世界中の人に読んで貰える可能性が高くなると思います。



…さて、この”Get to know me”のチャレンジ、本当はどなたか次の方を指名させて戴きたかったんですけど、今日が最終日(10日目)だと思いますので残念ですがやめておこうかと思います。読んで戴いてありがとうございました^^*


🍀Be creative and enjoy steemit life🍀


Ohaiyo gozaimasu, @yo-yo, nice to see you actively joining so many kinds of contest on this platform. It is true that having such community engagement brings more interaction and impact :) plus, we can know new friends when we do so.

Again, thanks for giving @archisteem a shoutout!

hi! Ohayo gozaimasu @kimzwarch :D
Thanks for your comment and I'm glad if I could share my activities at here, steemit. Yes, I'm glad I know some interesting contest or groups like yours, I really want to write more places of which I love, but "English" is a bit high hurdle for me to handle it (TT)
anyway, sure! I'll post more about architecture and want to try to share your activities especially to our community. thanks and have a great week!

No worry @yo-yo, you are doing great so far, keep this going even though it takes some time. Happy to be able to support your story as well, especially reading from your perspective as a native Japanese. Steem on! Gambate!

Arigato gozaimasu! kimzwarch-san!

yo-yo looking genki!

jajaja, yep, this season is great with blue clear sky as you know ;)

Hi @yo-yo!

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Ended up here by seeing @dbooster's resteem, I love your signature image :)

Hi @kotturinn, thank you so much for your visiting here and leave your comment!
Yes, @mathowl designed this logo because I'm Japanese n love traditional architecture. He welcome to make logos for everyone, so I think he'll make yours too... Cool thing he draw them is he does it with the thought of mathematics ;)

The pleasure is mine :)

It seems like he's a talented artist, I am going to hold off getting a new signature myself for right now as I just got it a couple months ago, but will keep him in mind for another time! Thanks!

Welcome to Steem yo-yo! Partiko is a fast and beautiful mobile app for Steem and unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

Partiko for Android can be downloaded here on Google Play and the iOS version is available here on the App Store.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Hello Yo YO, I'm Oatmeal, and you are beautiful and fun and I love to design, build with wood and draw and sing and make things like you and I love Japan. I love the Samurai.

thanks friend!

Awesome post, @yo-yo! It's a pleasure to meet you! 😊

Haha, thanks @trincowski... and good to see you too! will reply u back later... have a great weekend 😊

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