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I took up the "Get to Know Me" challenge
So here from my Steemit Blog I present:

My very first intro post told mostly of my life in the Boreal forest and my work with young kids in the "Play and Exploration" program with my love to pass on knowledge. I'll be expanding on those two aspects of my life further on in this post.

selfie by Porters sign.JPG

My Introductory post - Hello from the Boreal Forest of Canada!

My Role as a Pre-K EA in the "Play and Exploration" Program

@shai-hulud put a twist on #introduceyourself wanting to know more about people who have an interesting job. He modified It to #introduceyourjob. Perfect for me, for I have a very interesting job that I love! I work with young kids in the "Play and Exploration" program. We have lots of fun and I love playing an important part in these young kids lives. Knowing I can make a difference and get them off to a good start.
Find out more - When Work Is Play - What I Do...

To prepare my self to work with these energetic youngsters I have a specific morning routine to get my energy flowing and put me in a peaceful state to start the day.
Check it out at: Some Rituals That Get My Day Off to a Good Start

Living in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan, Canada

fall colors in trees by the lane.JPG
Another big part of my life is the fact that I live right in the Boreal forest - I'm a forest dweller!
Read a bit about what it means to me to live in the forest and how I work to maintain the beauty and abundance of the forest in my responce to @forestfriendly question - “What does forest friendly mean to you and how forest friendly are you?” From My Forest Home - Forest Friendly Family...

Come take a tour of my forest homestead at: Video Tour of My Lower Forest Gardens
This was part 1 of my September update to my Gardening Journal which is another big part of my life!

Another Love - Gardening!

@simplymike put up a Gardening Journal Challenge which I participated in and I'm so happy I did for it gave me a record of my garden to look back at and now I can also share my garden with you starting with:
my forest garden with garden shed.JPG
My July Garden - Growing Veggies in What Ever Space You Can Find - Welcome to My July Garden

My August Garden - Some Wins, Some Losses. It's All a Part of Gardening

My September Garden - September Update - Garden Journal Challenge

inside sunroom looking over pink flowers and pink of grow light.JPG
My New Gardening Project an Indoor Garden - Gardening for Food Security - Indoor Gardening

Sharing Some of My Life's Lessons

I'm a passenger on @ecotrain and there is a question of the week. A particularly good one that really got me going deep and thinking of some of my important life lessons was the question- "What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow!?"
My response with some of my important life lessons

Another initiative I responded to and shared another important lesson I had learned to keep me sane was #NaturalMedicine "Thrive! How Do You Creatively Support Your Mental Health? "
Find out what that important life lesson was - My Response to Natural Medicines Contest - How I Thrive and Creatively Support My Mental Health

People kept putting up all these great initiatives and I loved participating and sharing a little bit of who I am.
@eaglespirit started a #FreedomFriday and @freedomtribe posed the prompt "What Does Freedom Mean To You"
Find out "What Does Freedom Mean To Me?" - The Place Where I Feel Most Free...

Now that I have shared a little bit about me I would like to invite @walkerland and @buckeroo
Gee, why stop there -
How about @riverflows and @mountainjewel to take up @anomadsoul "Get To Know Me" challenge

#gettoknowme Rules
• Only Steemians with more than 6 months in the platform or more than 100 posts made can join this challenge.
• You can only include posts of your authorship.
• Avoid crypto, politics and religious posts.
• Think of this challenge as your Steem blogging "resume or CV"
• Use the tag #gettoknowme
• Have fun.

All photos taken from my CanonPowershot A495

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oh gosh @porters this is the second time I've been invited to write a response to something this week..(@metametheus tagged me a few days ago) but as I'm on the road it's tricky to access my old posts and write, but I promise I will! I seem to have a backlog of posts to write, including responses to QOTW, travels, the new @naturalmedicine challenge (which I hope you'll write on!?) - crazy!!

I love this smiling picture of you - you are such a gem on this platform! You really are a rare and gorgeous thing and everything you do is just making the world a better place. I love that we connected here and learn so much from you all the time. Thankyou for being you!

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I thought this was a great idea for getting to know our fellow steemians better and likewise I'm so happy we connected here on steemit! I have been inspired by your writing, loving the way you express yourself - beautiful! I just checked up on the new challenge and Yes I will definitely be joining in. Love these challenges! I'm going away for Thanksgiving weekend and won't have access to my computer but I'l do my writing on good old paper and pen then post when I get back. I hear you are back now too. I hope you had a wonderful trip and I'm looking forward to hearing about it.


Oh, so pleased you are doing the challenge! The vipassana interview comes out today too. Thanks so much for the compliment, that means a lot to me!!! Plenty of time for challenge, it runs for two weeks. So glad you will join in, hope you can resteem the challenge to get the word out - worrying this is a quiet time post hard fork!! xx


@porters, I'm delegating 100 SP for you for a week - use it well, my dear! Let me know if it helps you comment more x


That's very generous of you! I'm trying to add more value in my comments as they are being counted the same as posts. I was gone on my Thanksgiving holiday visiting family the last few days but I'm back and will definitely be putting your delegated steempower to work. Thanks again!


You're welcome! xx Please do me a favour and let me know if you think it makes a difference.


After your gift of the delegation of SP I decided to go back to commenting freely and I'm not seeing any big drop in my Resource Credits. It sure feels good to be able to comment freely again. that was the amount i was thinking of investing in and i think I still will but it wasn't as simple as i thought to try and buy some STEEM or SP. Guess it's time to learn for cryptocurrencies are only going to grow bigger in the future. Thanks again for doing this!


Fantastic @porters .. I am just so glad I could help x

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