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I realised I am not too late for this challenge by @anomandsoul, so I thought I would give it a go! Have read some quite nice #gettoknowme posts, and though I haven't read all people's 10 posts, they give a good resume and good picture of the steemians I didn't know so well before!

Ill start too with

1 My Introduction Post

i wrote this post 7 months ago when I joined Steemit, and I think I haven't actually moved so far from the intention I set out with!

I am gonna share with you here my crazy travel stories and pictures, like from the time I lived 3 months in caves in Crete, hitchhiked with a travelling band over land to India or traveled through USA in an old schoolbus and much more!
I will also share all my drawings and sketches that I make along the way!

2 Artist Introduction Post

Then I did a little second introduction post, dedicated to showing some of my previous artwork

I've been drawing since I was little and always loved it.
My favorite materials are ink-pen (mostly rotring rapidograph, to be technical), watercolors, pencil and colored pencils and I usually draw the things I see around me, may it be people, animals, flowers or objects

3 Two Months Living in Caves In Crete

Then I wrote the first post I "promised" in my introduction, and this was my first recognised steemit post, and maybe still my highest payout post! (Probably since the Steem was a bit higher back then..!)
But it was great to get such a recognition so early, it really helped me get into steemit for real and write more posts like this, which I had put a lot of energy into.

I believe that in times in our lives where we manage to follow the stream of life, in the moment, with no personal goals of gaining, but just simply living, taking part of life in all it's dance and rhythm, everything just falls into place perfectly and life will sustain you in magical ways.

4 The Beach Of Colors

This was a post sharing just one magical day and I include it because all our lives are made up of days and moments, and when we stop up and soak in the beauty of just one day, it can turn out really magical!

We found a perfect little place for our camper and had a truly amazing day on the beach, playing in the sand and marveling at the colors of the rocks and stones. Big parts of the rocks has this crazy bright green color!
Willow enjoyed a whole day with both his parents full attention. We let him decide what to do and where to go all day.
Beautiful to follow your kids and see what they can show you about living life!

5 The Story About The Traveling Band Caspian Caravan Part#1 The Beginning

This is the beginning of the biggest series I have started on Steemit, and still not finished! The story of the longest travel I did with a band over land to India

So sometimes we felt like celebrities being treated with food and luxury, but always in between we were hitchhiking and sleeping rough in the most bizzare places sometimes. It was an extremely funny roller coaster of experiences of all sorts and the most adventurous and crazy times of my life.

6 Rainbow Gatherings

I made this post about Rainbow Gatherings, because they hold a special place in my heart and life and consider myself a part of the Rainbow Family

It's not so much the gatherings itself - I have myself only attended 3 gatherings since my first one in 2009, but the biggest thing, I think, and why I so many times heard the phrase "Rainbow Gatherings changed my life", is the discovery of the family. Of a home. Anywhere.

7 Why I Choose To Work In The Gift

I am very inspired by the ideas of gift economy and especially the writings of Charles Eistenstein. So about 4 years ago I decided to sell or offer my art in the spirit of the gift, and wrote my reasons to do so and what gift economy is about!

First of all, putting a price on creativity is like caging it. When I had an already set price on a commission, I realised that I rarely gave my full creative ability to it. That the frames were set and the work was less enjoyable.

8 Every Day A different View

A little photo series from all the different views from our home, which is a mobile campervan

A photo series of all the different views from our mobile home.
Living space inside a mobile home is small, but the garden is huge and ever inspiring!
Sometimes the view is inspiring and inviting, sometimes it's ugly and intruding

9 TV Stars in Iraq

Another chapter in the long series about my journey over land to India with the band Caspian Caravan. A bizzarre experience of being TV-stars in Iraq! Mixed with the other experiences and feelings this country gave us.

One day we sat at the office of the TV station and suddenly saw the breaking news that Osama Bin Laden had been found! At the same time as we were playing famous in Iraq..!
It was quite a surreal situation about TV, fiction and reality. Somehow the whole world seemed like a bit of a Truman Show in some bizarre way..

10 Homegrown children and Homeschooling Network on Bornholm, Denmark

I chose this as the last post, since it is part of my more recent life, slowly coming back to Denmark and exploring being a mother and family. This post is about the Network of families who has their children at home instead of in institutions and schools, which I met on the Danish Island Bornholm this summer.

There are also inspirations from the Continuum Concept and a wish to be responsible for the raising and growing up of the children. That the raising and most of the waking hours of the child is not being given over to "strangers" and institutions, but kept with the parents who love the child and can give the full support, attention and care the individual child needs.

That was it! Was a journey for me too to look through all my posts and to choose!

Thank you for stopping by! <3



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Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)


well I'm not that new, but I guess I'm still a plankton even after 1056 posts, but thank you, I will enjoy the continuing journey!

Welcome :-) your quite adventurous! Beautiful kids!

Man, I check your cave post..what a wonderful experience it seems like.


Thank you! Didn't think anyone would actually read the posts ;D Yes that was pretty awesome! :D

I enjoy reading your posts and I feel very close to you and your family. I admire your spirit of adventure, your courage and of course your talent as an artist. Keep living life at fullest and keep sharing. Lots of love sending your way 💕


thank you so much! That's really nice to hear!

Great to see all the snapshots from your steemit posts and the quite incredible journey you have been sharing over the last 7 months! So now things are settling down (from what I gather in post 10), what do you prefer?


well we haven't settled down yet, we are trying to, but haven't found our place yet! I think it has been great travelling with a child (we have an almost 4 year old), but I feel ready to settle down for a while and I feel it would be good for him too. But honestly? It scares the shit out of me too! I am scared to get stuck! Knowing all those nice places out there that I still haven't explored! Maybe that's why we haven't managed to settle down just yet!


I think there's always a "right time" to settle down. Some people find it earlier in life, some later. I am still in the "want to get out there and at them" stage and probably have a couple years left of that before settling down fully.

But then, the universe can chuck up a storm and throw any plans I had in the trash can!

I'm sure you will not just be stuck in one place though. You can still go on vacations once your kid is at school etc, just maybe not for as long as you could do previously. And that's OK too, makes you appreciate things a bit more and you have already lead a life full of adventure, more to come 🙂

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yes I know, we are even talking about "worldschooling" (either do homeschooling and travel once in a while or do "normal" school half the year and travel the other half, (probably winter - some friends of friends are doing that), so I'm pretty sure we don't end up settling for some conventional life no matter what, but the fear of getting trapped in the treadmill is still there ;) At least I know how it is to be free, so I probably won't be easy to catch! haha ;D


Well, you can use that fear to drive you forward and think of ways to stay away from the proverbial rat race. You have already got a head start in many ways because you've been used to that way of living for a while.

Stay as free as you can, the "world schooling" sounds like the best option there as you can literally have a home anywhere? But having half a year to travel does also sound good so either one of those is a good option :)

Welcome to Steem @frejafri.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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welcome and have a good day with steemit

welcome to steemit


haha, thank you, I did think I'd probably receive a few welcome messages by people (and bots) not reading the post ;D
welcome to you too!


What a phenomenal post, @frejafri! Thanks a lot for revisiting these posts.

Reading this reminds me that I am in dire need of holidays.

One more month, one more month...


thank you! And good luck on surviving the month! ;D

I feel like I know you even more now.

Visiting from #steemitmamas.

Hai newsteemian i hope you are happy and enjoy in steemit

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I am not as new as you ;D but welcome to you too then!

Hi dear fellow mama ( Denmark can I place your flag There? ) I didnt know you were going to steemfest too. For me its to soon but great to know you are going. And by this post to get more info about your life. GREETZ from hollamd


I am Danish yes, but I live a bit everywhere so far..! What made you think I am going to SteemFest? I have been considering it, but not so deeply, I don't think I will be going this time, have too much else going on with trying to find a home first ;D


I thought you Made this blog to anomadsoul to get a Free ticket to go to steemfest 😂 but I was wrong I am sorry but not sorry because I got to know you and your family.


Aah, okay, I think there is just Steem in prizes for this contest, if I'm not mistaken! But if I won a ticket I would probably go!


Well the blog is great so maybe you Will win😉

That is so cool about living in the caves for two months. Nice to meet you !


Thank you! Nice to meet you too! :)

Welcome to Steemit!
I really like the way you live;)


belayed welcome, belayed thank you...!

these really do give a true representation of who you are, full of light, love and adventures xxx

Ahhh @frejafri you are a complete adventorous lady. So many good post to go through. And you have written a lot about yourself and your adventurous activity.
Glad to see you prepairing for steemfest3 it would be another social advetures with so many cool stemians....all the best👍

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I don't know why everybody (or, you're just the second) think I'm going to steem fest. I can't see any mentions that @anomadsoul is giving out any steemfest tickets for this contest!? Just steem in prices as far as I understand. Though it would be cool to win a ticket, then I probably would come... consider it at least!


Ahh i missed it...i have seen @anomadsoul organising similar contest for steemfest...and during the same time or yoy may say sf3 is the hottest thing now around.
Any way i have now reviewed the original post from anomadsoul . applogize for misunderstanding. By the you make to participate in the challenge to

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yes I know! Haha, no offense! <3

Hi @frejafri 😊 Beautiful this post that tells you. I read that your husband is Italian like me :) Your child is beautiful and also being able to live on the road must be a wonderful experience. Good adventures!

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Yes that's why I speak Italian also :) Lucky so I can read your posts :D


Fortuna anche mia che tu mi abbia trovata 😃 È il bello di Steemit ❤️

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