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Hello everyone! Very excited to be a new member of this community! So here is a little about me and what I am going to share with you!
This is me, a 31 year old woman from Denmark:

This is my home (ever moving mobile tiny house!)

And this is my family - my 3 year old son Willow and his Italian father and my partner Roberto


And I am gonna share with you here my crazy travel stories and pictures, like from the time I lived 3 months in caves in Crete, hitchhiked with a travelling band over land to India or traveled through USA in an old schoolbus and much more!
I will also share all my drawings and sketches that I make along the way!

I really hope that you want to follow my journey, I am really excited to share it all with you!

Lots of love

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Wow I´m always amazed by that kind of lifestyle, which´probably isn´t allways easy!

Welcome to Steemit Freja, Roberto and Willow ;-)

Followed and looking forward to your stories!


Thank you! I'm already brewing on putting together the first story, while learning how it all works in here!

Miss you Freja!
upvoting and following :)
in the beginning try to get as many followers as you can... its kind of silly but reminding people to follow you in your posts really helps, as well as upvoting all comments and content of people commenting.
Love to you and your family!


miss you too, and doing the same :) Sure I will, without getting manic about it though ;P I have a week now in the house of roberto's parents with lots of time to do things like this, when we are on the road again I might be a bit more quiet, but we are in the process of getting solar panels on the van, so we have some electricity handy :)

Welcome to Steemit! Excited to hear more about your travels 😊🌿💚

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

Welcome @frejafri, really good to have you here on steemit, I met you the other day. I do a weekly post re introducing new steemians, would love to include you in this weeks one. If you have any questions let me know x


thank you! ah, we met? in el morreon? Thank you, I will, and that would be so nice <3

Hello.The drawings beautiful. I lived in vehicles for many years too. Would love to hear the stories. Welcome on board.


nice! than you, looking forward to share!

this is really amazing. much love. wonderful photography.

Welcome to the steem blockchain, @frejafri! Following to learn more of you and your familiy's lifestyle.


thank you! I am already busy writing the next story :)

Welcome to steemit @frejafri.

Im looking forward to reading more about your amazing adventures out in the big wide world!


A little tip, Change one of your tags to #introducemyself or #introduceyourself or both this is where people go to welcome new members to this wonderful community =)


Thank you for the tip, keep them coming ;) I just didn't figure out yet how to edit a post or how I upvote peoples posts?? :S


okay, now i figured out how to edit and upvote! and thank you loads for resteeming!

Nice to meet you , i am glad you messaged me on my blog today!
looking forward to see your pictures and drawings!
see you around :-)

i am yournew follower.jpg


Thank you! Looking forward to be following you too!

I'm happy to come across your profile, and your story!


Thank you! I will check out yours too

Hey Freja, looks like we have similarly nomadic tendencies! I've been rambling around Asia for about 9 years and will be posting about those experiences here. I am looking forward to seeing your journeys. I'm new to here as well- nice to meet you! Peace


thank you, sounds interesting, nice to meet you too, following and looking forward to your stories!