Your Favorite Hand Tool - Contest #4 - Results

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6 SBD in Prizes


We were Looking for Your Favorite Hand Tool or Combination:

Whether at the home or homestead, the yard, garden, or woods, is there a hand tool or set of hand tools of yours that makes the task much easier ?

There was a great response to the Favorite Hand Tool Contest. Thank you to all who entered and shared their favorite hand tools, how they used them, and the reasons why they make work easier.

There were 5 Prize Winning Authors:

2 SBD Prize Awarded to @nickhans

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1 SBD Prize Awarded to @mountainjewel

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1 SBD Prize Awarded to @goldenoakfarm

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1 SBD Prize Awarded to @thelaundrylady

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1 SBD Prize Awarded to @juozas

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Contest Winning Posts:


"Farmer and musician living in Taos, New Mexico"

Hand tools.. thousands of years of innovation, or... just a bent piece of wire??

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+ Reducing plastic waste on the farm - how can we do it!???


"Center for Earth Connection: a place to remember sacred connection through permaculture, homesteading, herbalism, & natural building | Curators @the-hearth"

3 Must-Have Hand Tools for the Garden & Homestead (DTube Daily Vlog)

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+ Permaculture Chickens | Foraging in the Food Forest (DTube Daily Vlog @mountainjewel)

+ Our Homestead's Off Grid Outdoor Shower Set Up (DTube Daily Vlog)


"I am a homestead farmer in Western Mass. We raise most of our own food using organic and sustainable practices."

@offgrid-online Contest #4 Favorite Hand Tools: My Favorite Tools

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+ What I've Been up to This Week in the Vegetable Gardens

+ Rendering Lard


"[A plant based whole food vegan who is into health, food, and organic gardening. Slowly converting our 2 acre property into permaculture food forest ]"

A Tool of Importance in My Food Forest Orchard

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+ Insects on the Homestead - My First Attempt at Insect Identification


"The Alliance said they were gonna waltz through Serenity Valley, and we choked 'em with those words. We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."

Titanium Spork 🍴

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+ Update: 1 month 🍹

+ Water Pre-Filters 💧 [Survival Article]

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Cool! Glad you liked it. I know it wasn't exactly what you asked for... Thanks!

I thought your post was excellent - they didn't have to be traditional tools, anything you use to make tasks easier. Non traditional tool examples are awesome - some great examples you have that many people may not have thought of :)

Well, must needs, as they say. Adaptive gardening for disability.....

Thank you, great posts.

Thanks @juozas - spork is on my list for the backpack and around the home :)