Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 14

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Prepping Curation

There are many posts and curation pages displaying a wide array of topics, but yet have I discovered one solely dedicated to prepping, preppers and survival; and if there was one before I have not seen an update in months. So, in my endeavors to curate more topics under the main umbrella of homesteading, self-reliance, off-grid living and more, I will be doing a weekly post every Monday dedicated to preppers.

Topics I will be searching for include (but not restricted to):

  • Prepping
  • Survival
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-sustainability
  • Bushcrafting
  • Food prepping
  • Protection (of home, family and possessions)
  • DIY Health
  • 2nd Amendment concerns
  • Gear and supplies
  • Skills & DIY Instructions

Now keeping in mind these posts will be written by other steemians, considered good quality and not plagiarized.

When I find new posts in the above mentioned topics that meet criteria I desire the posts to have, I will post in upcoming Preppers Curation Day Weekly Editions and let the author know of the sharing and curation.

I will be looking through the Preppers Discord group and channels and taking recommendations from fellow preppers in the same group and community.


Obtaining Firewood Without Tools While Bugged Out -Steemit Embedded Video by @squirrelbait

Firewood does not have to be pretty or perfect. The fire pit or fireplace size you create is what matters. I make mine rectangular shaped. It makes gathering wood easier and I can cook on a stone over half of it. It’s just more versatile for me. More importantly, I can accommodate longer pieces of wood. I save my tools for jobs I can’t do any other way

Titanium Spork by @juozas

This is my Spork
There are many like it
But this one is Mine
My Spork is my best friend
It is my life
I must master it
As I must master my Life
My spork without me is useless
Without my spork I am useless

Our First Days Living OFF-GRID!!! by @senorcoconut

On our first day out here (out of that god forsaken concrete jungle), after unloading yet another load from Brooklyn, Jessi-K set out to make sence of our boxes and mess, I put on a pair of rubber boots and hit the ground running with a weed wacker!

Effective for this post- ALL earnings from this post will be divided up among the FEATURED POSTS' authors. Curating is for the people featured and it is my privilege to share some new steemians, their work and creativity with my following. The earnings will be divided up equally at the time/day of payout. Thank you for being a part of my curation post(s).


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Hi @goldendawne, many thanks for the SBD from last week's PCD #13
It's greatly appreciated :)


Where to start.... A good collection of posts there GD..
It'll make good reading.

Thank you!! I especially liked the feature from @senorcoconut.... I've been waiting for an update from them on their off-grid living.

Very nice collection, enjoyed reading them all - the fire wood processing with the V tree snap method post was new to me. Thanks for the contest shout out too - I'm curious to see the variety of hand tools and how people use them :)

Thank you and you're VERY welcome!
I look through your posts now every Monday morning looking for updates and contest info